Thumber Audio Log
Audio Logs are optional collectible items that the player may find scattered across the ship. They offer some insight into the mystery surrounding what happened to the Hisa Maru before the events of the game.

Audio Logs automatically play when picked up, unless the player has already acquired that particular recording (in which case no sound will play). Unlike Notes, Audio Logs cannot be accessed in-game again after being collected, and can only be replayed via the Collectibles tab at the Main Menu.

Audio Logs Edit

Audio Log 1Edit

Audio Log 01

[0:00 - 0:27] - Wilson: Testing, uh, testing? Huh, it works. Might not be a knock off. *Clears throat.* Hi mom, hi dad. So uh, this is Homer, and this is a recording of my grand nautical adventures on the seven seas! *Laughter.* No, nah, too cheesy. Anyway, todays the 10th of February, we're currently in port at Hong Kong. Shipping out tomorrow I think?

Audio Log 2Edit

Audio Log 02

[0:00 - 0:16] - Wilson: There have been a lot of delays, and the big boss Kobayashi's on board. Some of the guys are wondering why he's here, and what's his big private stash down in the hold. Might explain why the captain is pretty on edge too. But we should start soon, so I better make this one a quick one for now, so uh, stay tuned for more.

[0:17 - 0:20] - Unknown Male Voice: I have absolutely no idea how to do this prop- *Cuts off.*

Audio Log 3Edit

Audio Log 03

[0:00 - 0:21] - Wilson: Hey mom, hey dad, this is recording number five I think? Anyway, it's the 14th now and we're looking into the issues with the boiler, so, yaaay, into the creepy lower decks. I suppose the lack of people showering is scarier though? Like a big manly smelling tin can?

Audio Log 4Edit

Audio Log 04

[0:00 - 0:17] - Wilson: So now I'm just waiting on Chekov getting here before we can start making our way back up the ship. Oh yeah, before I forget, he said one of the boss's containers exploded! Like, completely burst open! Can imagine him speaking to the captain just like all, "Captain, the wessel is danger!" or something like that.

[0:17 - 0:18] - *Distant, incomprehensible voice, presumed to be Chekov.*

[0:19 - 0:20] - Wilson: Oh, oh, dat's him, I gotta go.

Audio Log 5Edit

Audio Log 05

[0:00 - 0:26] - Wilson: Hey mom, hey dad, still in that workshop but doing some solo work at the bottom of the ship, I decided I wanted some company? *Laughter* Ah this is stupid. Right. *Sound of a steam valve turning.* Deck one valves all seem secure, no leakages or pressure build ups. Hopefully Chekov started on the Engine Room and I can get the hell out of here. Hey Chekov, if you find this and I'm dead, you can keep the recorder.

[0:26 - 0:28] - Submarine Bay Automated Voice: (Incomprehensible.)

[0:28 - 0:28] - Wilson: What the hell is that?

[0:30 - 0:32] - Submarine Bay Automated Voice: (Incomprehensible, followed by the sound of the Submarine Bay sealing and pressurizing, then a loud bang.*

[0:32 - 0:33] - Wilson: The hell is that?

[0:33 - 0:35] - Submarine Bay Automated Voice: (Barely comprehensible.) Charging vehicle.

[0:35 - 0:36] - Wilson: Oh shit!

Audio Log 6Edit

Audio Log 06

[0:00 - 0:03] - (Garbled static and electrical buzzing. Strange, worbly humming sound.)

[0:04 - 0:09] - (Loud, unknown sound can be heard for the next 4 seconds, causing the recording to distort rapidly.)

Audio Log 7Edit

Audio Log 07

[0:00 - 0:21] - Dr. Zhao: Doctor's report, dated 15th February. Follow up -?- Wilson and Chekov, at the behest of Captain Mikkleson and Mr. Kobayashi. Both patients are currently sedated due to pain, but with patients showing slow recovery possible due to current conditions, no sign of infection in Mr. Chekov at present.

[0:21 - 0:25] - *Sound of -?-.*

[0:25 - 0:31] - Dr. Zhao: That will probably scar, but also no sign of infection in Mr. Wilson either.

Audio Log 8Edit

Audio Log 08

[0:00 - 0:30] - Dr. Zhao: Recommending that both men be kept in a relatively clean room until further notice. I'll need to speak to the quartermaster regarding current medical supplies, I don't believe the ship has been equipped to handle such long term injuries. Hopefully the helicopter has the range to make land fall if it comes to it. That should do you now, Mr. Chekov. If nothin' else, some were to boil cloth for dressings. I'll return for Chekov in a few hours time, before the painkillers wear off.

Audio Log 9Edit

Audio Log 09

[0:00 - 0:15] - Captain Mikkleson: Captain's Log, dated 10th of February, 1977, the Hisa Maru is currently docked in Hong Kong, awaiting final clearance from Mr. Kobayashi to leave port. We are pretty -?- our original waiting date, with no real reason given.

Audio Log 10Edit

Audio Log 10

[0:00 - 0:19] - Captain Mikkleson: I am gettin' somewhat concerned about Mr. Kobayashi's use of the ship as his own private yacht. Even if it is his own business, he's delayin' the end. We are lookin' to set sail tomorrow, assuming Mr. Kobayashi -?- Cargo Hold -?-.

Audio Log 11Edit

Audio Log 11

[0:00 - 0:25] - Captain Mikkleson: Captain's Log, dated 14th of February, 1977. There's been an incident on the ship. Two of our able seamen were injured while trying to repair the hot water issues that we've been plagued with. -?- Mr. Kobayashi's personal physician. However we've no real med bay to keep them in. I've taken them off the duty roster for the time being and have secured them in one of the bunk rooms.

Audio Log 12Edit

Audio Log 12

[0:00 - 0:15] - Captain Mikkleson: Well, thankfully the doctor is here and Mr. Kobayashi didn't really seemed concerned about the man's injuries. Now we're even more delayed. -?-

Trivia Edit

  • Audio Logs were added in the v1.3 Halloween update.
  • Audio Logs and Notes are the only items that carry over when a player dies or successfully escapes.
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