Barricaded Room (Wood)

A barricaded room.

A barricaded room is an initially inaccessible room that is, as its name describes, blocked from the inside, preventing the player from entering it. In order to access it, a player must trick the monster into destroying the room's door, which can be very lucrative as barricaded rooms always contain at least one valuable item (such as a mission item or a Backpack).

There are only two different variations of barricaded rooms:

The Workshop: Located in the Lower Decks. It has a metal door with a broken window.
The Studio: Located in the Upper Decks. It has a wooden door with a gaping hole in it.

Gaining Entry Edit

The only way to trick a monster into breaking into a barricaded room is to drop a source of continuous sound into it, such as an active Egg Timer or Radio. The player should then quickly hide or leave the area, whichever is preferable. Flare Guns can also be used if the player aims carefully, though it is not recommended to waste the item's potential by using it in this way as both radios and egg timers tend to be far more plentiful and expendable.

Tips Edit

  • If you are using an egg timer, keep in mind that if the monster isn't anywhere within the nearby vicinity when it goes off, it will likely fail to reach the door before the egg timer stops ringing, meaning that the monster will not break the door down and the egg timer will have been wasted (you won't be able to retrieve it). This also applies to Flare Guns, as flares expire even quicker. However, you can grab the radio or the timer if you put them very close to the hole.
  • Try to determine what item is in the room before you waste time and effort getting the monster to break into it. The Studio has windows that may or may not be accessible depending on which level the room has spawned on, and the item that spawns in The Workshop is always directly within line of sight from the door.

Trivia Edit

  • Gaining access to a barricaded room is the objective of I Love It When a Plan Comes Together.
  • There is a bug where the metal door to The Workshop can spawn in the Upper Decks for The Studio. The reverse of this phenomenon has not been observed.
  • The names of these rooms are unofficial, and are merely based on what they loosely appear to be. For instance, "The Studio" is so named because of the electronic keyboard and tape recorder found on the desk.
  • It is unknown how these rooms were barricaded in the first place, as no human remains can be found in either of them. "The Studio" does have windows, but they aren't broken in any way and in fact appear to be bolted shut, something that would be impossible to do from the outside.
  • Sometimes if you are hiding from the monster near a Barricaded Room they may smash the door without the need of using an Egg Timer or Radio.
  • There is a bug which occurs when you drop a radio. The monster may break into the room, but not break the radio. Because of the sound, the monster will stay nearby, making it very hard to leave the area.