Note and concept Monstrum

Hidden in the "Collectibles" menu are multiple pieces of concept artwork for the monsters!

This article contains content that either was in the game, or was originally planned, but not used in the game.

Monsters Edit

Sparky Edit


Sparky, the prototype monster

Sparky is an unused monster. He was one of the concepts for the first monster that was eventually going to be the Brute, though he was scrapped as he was simply too enormous to move through the corridors and doorways effectively. He was then turned into an A.I test monster, and dubbed Sparky.

Fish creature

An even earlier concept art of Sparky!

Team Junkfish have stated that they may consider tweaking Sparky and bringing him into the game as a fourth monster, though nothing is currently planned. (we miss sparky but we will never forget him)

The Stalker Edit

The Stalker was the original name for the Hunter. It followed the same concepts, lurking around in the vents, preparing for a strike, though it was supposed to have much different A.I. It was going to follow a "scent trail" that the player would leave, and which would build up over time. It was also supposed to have a strange attraction to electricity.

Items Edit

Walkie-Talkies Edit

Walkie Talkie
Walkie Talkie texture

Walkie-Talkies were distraction items that could be found by the player in various rooms.

They spawned in pairs, and one of them could be dropped in an area, while the player called it with the second one, luring the monster over there (basically a portable Engine Room phone system.) The Walkie-Talkies had a limited range, which meant that they could not call each other if they were too far apart.

They were removed in patch v.0.9.3 as they caused performance issues, and had multiple bugs.


In version 0.5.2, there was a compass in the game. It's unknown what it would be used for, but its existance is certain. It was found in a video done by a YouTuber named Two Angry Gamers TV. It's shown in the video Monstrum - Second Peek.

Monstrum HD Compass