Cargo Hold hall
The Cargo Hold takes up decks 1-4, and is directly connected to the lower decks. It is made up of several corridors, stacked on top of one another. The Containers are a maze, as they have been busted open by the monster at some point prior to the player's awakening.

Interior Edit

The Corridors that sandwich each cluster of containers are permanently lit, which means that they cannot power on or off, unless the Fiend is nearby. Each corridor is lined with railings, and large overhead lamps sit on top of arching girders, illuminating the space. In the bow, the corridors are accessible from decks 1-2, and in the stern, they are accessible from decks 3-4. Staircases can lead the player further up or down through the corridors. No items will spawn there.

Container plates

The sides of each container are randomly generated. Each hole is required to line up to another hole on another container. This creates the maze.

The Containers themselves have turned into a deadly maze full of dead-ends and cloaked in darkness, as they have been busted open by the Monster. No electrical equipment run through here, so it is advised that the player stock up in light sources before choosing to come here.

Mission Items Edit

The containers in the Cargo Hold are a very lucrative area to find many mission items.

Life Raft Items: Edit

  • Pumps can be found on the floor in the containers. The cargo hold is the only area where the pump spawns naturally, other than the Life Raft deck.
  • Chain Spools can spawn in the containers, on the floor.

Helicopter Items: Edit

  • Bolt Cutters can spawn on the floor of the containers.
  • Gasoline Canisters can spawn anywhere in the containers. They may even spawn clipped into the walls or boxes.

Submarine Items: Edit

ALL the Submarine Items can spawn in the Cargo Hold.

Gallery Edit