Flare Gun
A Flare Gun is a rare item that primarily functions as a long range "STOP" item against the Hunter and the Fiend. It can be fired 3 times before it is rendered useless. When it spawns it is usually found in a power-locked or a barricaded room.

Uses and Effects Edit

Hitting the Fiend or the Hunter with a flare will halt their movement for roughly a second, potentially saving your life during a chase. Alternatively it can be used to lure any of the three monsters to the location of the flare, particularly the Brute who is otherwise unaffected by flares.

Flares can also be used to ignite fuel from a distance, and illuminate an area with a similar magnitude to that of a glowstick, however these are both typically considered wasteful of the item's function and potential.

Flares only last for a few seconds before expiring, and cannot be picked up or re-used once fired.

Trivia Edit

  • Flare guns are the rarest item in the game, which may be due to them failing to spawn.
  • In earlier versions of Monstrum, a flare gun was guaranteed to spawn in the storage containers near the Helicopter, however this is no longer the case and in fact no items ever spawn within those containers at all.