Item Thumber Fuse
A fuse is a relatively uncommon item that functions as a "power core" that is plugged into a fusebox, enabling its use.

Uses Edit

Fuses are most commonly used for unlocking power-locked doors, but can also be used simply to restore the electricity in an area for the purposes of better vision (particularly against the Fiend) and/or to turn on the monitors in the Security Room (although this serves no purpose).

Fuses are also used to power the Phone System in Engine Room, and one is required to power the Control Station of the Submarine.

Tips Edit

  • There is always a fuse in the Spawn Room.
  • Fuses cannot be recovered once placed, so players are advised to use them wisely.
  • Fuses can be found in almost every area of the ship, but are most commonly found in the Upper Deck. They can spawn in file cabinets, drawers, and on shelves (potentially obfuscated by books or other scenery doodads).
  • A trick with fuses is to press f on a fuse box then IMMEDITALY after try to switch to another item. If done correctly the fuse should not appear in the box and remain in your inventory however the fuse box will still act as if had received a fuse and open the door or power the area.
  • Presumably, a maximum of up to 4 fuses can spawn during a single playthrough (which includes the one from the Spawn Room).
  • If you know how to get to the Engine Room, consider going there immediately at the beginning of a playthrough and using the first fuse from the Spawn Room to activate the Phone System. Disabling the steam vents in the Lower Decks early can be very advantageous.
  • Due to its rarity, before using it to open a Power-Locked Room in the Crew Deck, make sure if you will need the item inside the room by using the little window in the door. Note that the Power-Locked Rooms in the Lower Decks have a metal grate in front of the item, which obscure the item inside (though you can sometimes make out what it is if you look closely).

Trivia Edit

  • One of the objectives for completing the Life Raft is that you must power the crane via a nearby fusebox, however this objective is always automatically completed because there is always a fuse already plugged in to it.
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