Item Thumber Gasoline Canister
A Gasoline Canister, commonly referred to as fuel, is a relatively plentiful mission item that is used to refuel the Helicopter. It is also the prime requisite in the creation of fire.

Creating Fire Edit

Fire 1

A flame created by the player.

Main article: Fire
The player can spill some or all of the gas within a gas canister onto the ground and ignite it via a lighter, creating a fire that will burn for several seconds before expiring. This is a notably a very potent weapon solely against the Hunter, rendering it temporarily harmless and forcing it to retreat.

Tips Edit

  • Gasoline Canisters can be found nearly anywhere on the ship, and upwards of 6 or more have been known to spawn in a single playthrough.
  • Remember that you need 2 canisters to refuel the helicopter.
  • As long as a gas canister still has some fuel left in it, it can be used with the refueling equipment, which will fill up as if it had been fed a full canister. Empty gas canisters can not be used at all.
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