Item Thumber Glowstick
A glowstick is a very common item that functions as a permanent, albeit less luminous source of light as compared with a flashlight or a lighter. Glowsticks stack up to three in a single inventory slot, and never expire once activated.

Tips Edit

  • Use glowsticks to mark paths or areas that you have already been, wish to return to, or wish to avoid.
  • Glowsticks can be thrown a short distance, and can be dropped down the holes in the cargo hold, which can be useful for avoiding egg sacs.
  • Glowsticks are common in the cargo hold and on the deck near the Life Raft.
  • The Fiend has no effect on the light generated by glowsticks, meaning they cannot be used to detect it.
  • A glowstick has a chance to spawn in the Spawn Room, instead of a lighter.

Trivia Edit

  • Monsters do not react in any way to the presence of an active glowstick, even if the player holds one while hiding (in a locker, under a table, etc.).