Keys are one of the few mission items that can be found in filing cabinets, the other being duct tape.

Description Edit

The keys are a mission item for the Helicopter escape route and are needed to unlock the door.

The game requires that the door be open before the refueling process can begin.

Locations Edit

Like most mission items, there are 2 keys that spawn on the ship. The keys can spawn almost anywhere on decks 5-8 but can also be found in rooms behind barricaded or power-locked doors.

Keys spawn junk room

They can be found anywhere on desks, shelves or the floors but are often found on the bridge (deck 8), the security room (deck 7 or 8), or the room with broken furniture and junk scattered around. They can also be located in the bathroom sink (deck 7).

It's possible for keys to spawn in filing cabinets (decks 5-8). Keys cannot spawn in the randomly generated filing cabinet in the spawn room.

Tips Edit

  • Due to their size, keys can be difficult to spot, the player should keep a sharp eye out for them when wandering around decks 5-8.