Hiding Places can be found in nearly every area of the ship. They range from lockers and cupboards to hide inside of, to tables and beds to sneak under. All hiding places serve the same function; they allow the player to avoid being found be the monster.

Cupboards Edit

Hiding Thumber Cabinet1

Found in both the upper and lower decks, cupboards are crouch-height spaces underneath desks and workbenches. Cupboards have doors that need to be opened before the player can enter them. If a monster decides to check a cupboard that is closed, they will rip its door off. Once a door has been ripped off, it cannot be put back on. A player must be crouched to be able to enter a cupboard.

Hiding Thumber Cabinet2

Engine Room Cupboards Edit

Identical in functionality to standard cupboards, found exclusively in the engine room.

Beds Edit

Hiding Thumber Crawlspace1

Beds are found exclusively in the upper decks. They require the player to be crouched to use them, and when under a bed the player actually goes completely prone. The player is unable to turn their head while hiding under beds, meaning audio becomes the only sense able to be used.

Lockers Edit

There are multiple types of lockers throughout the ship, but they all function the same way. Before the player can enter a locker they will need to open its door, all locker variants spawn with their doors shut. The player is able to stand while hiding in each type of locker, and all lockers have slits in them which allow the player to look out at the area in front of them.

Hiding Thumber Locker1

Interior Lockers Edit

These can be found in the upper and lower decks of the Hisa Maru, they are pale grayish-tan in color. Interior lockers can spawn in numerous different rooms around the ship, making them one of the more common hiding places.

Red Lockers Edit

Hiding Thumber Locker2

Located on the exterior of the ship, exactly twelve pairs of these lockers spawn on any given playthrough. They spawn in the same spots on the port and starboard sides of the ship. Two pairs on either side of the cargo hold towards the bow, and two on either side of the one towards the stern. The other four are found between the cargo holds on the wall of the helicopter landing area.

Maintenance Locker Edit

Not as well known as the other locker variants, this locker only has one possible spawn location, when it spawns at all. Found on the Loading Area (Life Raft Deck) it is larger than the other locker types, and only has one door. On its door is the stenciled in word "Maintenance" labeling it as the maintenance locker. It is possible for small items to spawn inside of it.

Hiding Thumber Closet

Maintenance Locker Spawn Rate Edit

Game Spawned With Item
1 yes no
2 no --
3 yes yes
4 yes no
5 no --
6 no --
7 no --
8 yes yes
9 no --
10 no --

Using data gathered from ten separate playthroughs of the game, the spawn rate for the maintenance locker appears to be ≈ 40%

Tables Edit

Hiding Thumber Desk

Tables, like beds, are found exclusively in the upper decks. Another feature similar to beds is that you hide under them, instead of inside them.

Crates Edit

Hiding Thumber Crate

Scattered around the Loading Area, these crates can spawn either closed or open. Only the open variants are viable hiding places. The player must hide in crates the same way as one would a cupboard. Unlike cupboards, crates do not have doors to open or close.

Shower Stalls Edit

Hiding Thumber Shower

Located in shower rooms, these function similarly to lockers in that you can stand while hiding in them. The disadvantage of hiding here is that you are unable to see out of the stall, and must rely on audio.

Tips Edit

  • When possible, avoid hiding in shower stalls, closed cupboards, or under beds as they remove your ability to see. But a glitch has been done to counter this
  • When exploring a deck with no exits (such as the lower decks or Deck 6) consider opening a locker or cupboard in rooms you explore, to be able to hide quickly
  • While out on the Loading Area, it may be wise to assess whether or not the maintenance locker has spawned or not, and which crates are open/closed

Trivia Edit

  • A cupboard with an open door functions as a hiding spot, however little data has been gathered on the effectiveness of an open cupboard vs a closed one
  • The upper bed on a bunk bed can sometimes have a small item on it
  • The shower stall is the most spacious hiding spot in the game, besting even the maintenance locker
  • The tables in the Mess Hall are regarded as the best hiding spots in the the game as they allow the player to look out in every direction