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Current Characters (Characters are no longer being added. Three characters is enough, for now. More characters will be added if the story progresses farther than it is right now.)

Samuel Smith (Turned): Man with long, dirty blond, messy hair, green eyes and a fair body structure. Normal, overall kind-hearted. Suffers from schizophrenia. Has sheer determination on what he's set out to do.

Ellis (Alive): A man with very pale skin, and black hair. He is very paranoid and jumpy, and stutters when he speaks, due to being traumatized from his near-death experience with the monsters. He hid in a maintenance closet after failing to escape with the life-raft.

Thomas Youl (Missing): Black messy hair, Blue Eyes, with a T-Shirt, 14 years-old. Thomas is a 14 year-old stowaway who snuck on the ship through a container. He is very timid and tries to calm other people down regardless of his own fear. A joker at heart, it's obvious he did not reach maturity yet.


The Brute (Alive): A Tall Bulky bipedal Lava-like monster, slightly misshapen with it's right arm bigger then it's left in humongous proportion and it's whole body emits an eerie red light. Personality is territorial and animal like. It has a very short temper.

The Hunter (Deceased): A medium sized lanky bipedal/quadrupedal liquid/gel like monster with a skeleton inside. Personality is predatory with clever intelligence, it hides in vents and the sort and prefers to smell out it's prey. It acts purely on instinct.

The Fiend (Alive): A Grey humanoid with an elongated head, white, glowing, piercing pupils, and a mouth lined with long sharp fangs. It's purpose and personality is unknown, however it enjoys playing with its prey, preferring to watch it suffer and squirm before killing it. It hunts for sport, only killing creatures that it deems entertaining to kill.

(Note that the monsters in the story do not actually behave the same way in the game. The Monsters have been exaggerated a great deal. But still try to keep some key aspect, so it doesn't confuse to much the reader. For their actual behaviors in-game, visit the articles.)

and a flashlight lay on the ground, illuminated by a spotlight, as if it were being presented to him. Samuel bent down to pick it up.                                                                                                 

"A flashlight?" He wondered. He activated it, and searched the room. Laying on a wooden desk in front of him, was a fuse, and a scrap of paper. Bending down, he picked up the fuse, before noticing that the scrap of paper had writing on it.

Checkov & Wilson, I think something's gone seriously wrong. I haven't seen another pair in hours, they went to investigate the engine but no-ones come back, there's definitely a fire I can smell them burning.

I don't want to make any noise by banging the door, I heard Fred yelling and then... he just cut off. If you wake up and find this, I'm making for the port side balcony to use the life raft. I'm leaving. I know you're sick but we have to get off this ship. If you arrive in the next hour, I'll be waiting.


Intrigued, Samuel pocketed the note. -Rattymouse

"Why am I here?" He wondered aloud, "I can't remember. I don't know if I'm alone. I need to look for others." Samuel grabbed the flashlight, opened the door, and stepped out of the room. --Shader1019 (talk) 06:02, April 4, 2015 (UTC)

He stepped out onto a weathered corridor, padded with white metal plates. The words DECK 5 were painted onto the wall next to him. A flickering yellow light fizzled above him. "Uh... Hello? Anyone there...?" Samuel called out. His voice echoed through the empty corridors. There was no answer, instead, a deep metallic groaning rumbled from somewhere deep inside the ship. Samuel flinched, and he started walking. His footsteps echoed loudly throughout the empty corridors. -Rattymouse

Samuel could feel the boat gently rocking on the waves as he made his way through the derelict ship.

"Where is everyone?" he could not help but wonder. Questions flooded his head but he knew one thing: he had to get off the ship. He didn't know his way around so he continued to aimlessly walk, hoping he could reach the port side balcony, maybe even find the life raft the note spoke about. He stopped for a moment to check out a room at the end of the hallway. He kept praying that there was a person behind the next door, hopefully someone he knew but at least a person, but his hopes were dashed as he opened the door merely to find it empty.

Well, he was already here. Might as well take the time to see if there's anything useful. He pulled open the drawer of a desk and shone the flashlight into it.

"Empty!" he scoffed in annoyance, slamming it closed, the loud metallic bang echoing through the corridors. He opened the next drawer merely to find it, once again, empty. He continued searching through the drawers, slamming each one in frustration when he saw there was nothing in it. What was the point of having a desk if you aren't going to use it?

He gave a sigh and was just about to exit the room when something came echoing down the hallway. A noise, like a sighing breath. He wasn't alone. There was someone on the ship with him.

Samuel was about to call out, hopefully catching the attention of whoever it was. Suddenly, he froze. The lights in the room started flickering. It wasn't natural. The whole corridor was simultaneously darkening. Even his flashlight seemed to have trouble staying on. He deactivated it but he knew something was wrong. He felt the hair on the back of his next stand on end, and an icy cold chill went down his spine. He didn't know why he felt so scared but he knew he had to hide. He crouched down and crawled under the desk, pressing his back against the wall. Beads of sweat ran down his face. The crackling sound of the flickering lights echoed throughout the ship, and sparks rained down from them. Suddenly, with a final fizz, the lights went completely out. The air seemed to grow colder. Samuel peaked out from under the desk. There it was. In the corridor, a black figure was present, surrounded by a dim, purple aura. It made unnatural sounds, as if it were whispering into his ear. In the shadows and with the flickering lights, it was impossible to see the thing clearly but Samuel could tell that it was not human.

Samuel would swear he felt his heart stop when it seemed to look directly at him. It's sharp, pin-pricked eyes seemed to pierce his skin. He shivered as another chill ran down his spine when the thing let out a snarl before turning and leaving. Even with it gone, Samuel didn't come out from under the desk.

He wasn't alone. There was something on the ship with him. -Wikia Contributor Shadow Broker

After a few minutes, Samuel finally crawled out from under the desk. He looked around cautiously, shivering slightly, before creeping out of the room, peeking around the corridors with his guard up, ready to run if necessary. The hallway smelled of sulphur, and some overhead lights sparked feebly, reminding Samuel that what he had seen did happen.

"I don't want to move, I don't want to know what that thing was, I don't care about anything... I just want to leave..." He muttered to himself, repeating it over and over again like some sort of mantra. He walked down the hallway and turned a corner, finding something interesting. A metal door. He peeked into the room through the door's rectangular window, and spotted an orange backpack, sitting on the desk. He tried to open the door, but it was locked.

"Damn it," Samuel said to himself, "Locked." He was about to leave, when he noticed a fuse box next to the door. An idea struck him. He had a fuse, he could use that. Samuel took the fuse from his pocket, and inserted it into the fuse box. He pulled the lever, and the door unlocked.

Proud, Samuel opened the door. The door screeched of metal when he opened it, as if it were screaming furiously at Samuel for touching it. That scared him. He hoped whatever that thing was wasn't nearby to hear that. Cautious, Samuel entered the room. --Shader1019 (talk)

As Samuel entered the room, the most notable thing he could see was an orange backpack that was on a wooden desk. Other than that, a few chairs and other objects were scattered around the room. He trotted over to the backpack and opened it, looking to see if there was anything inside. He put it down moments later.

"Of course it's empty!" Samuel grumbled. He started to leave, but he looked back to the backpack again. 'I should probably bring it just in case. I may need to carry extra stuff later...' Samuel thought.

After a moments debate, he took the backpack, and slung it over his shoulder. Samuel carefully exited, making sure he wouldn't make any noise to attract the monster that was on the ship. He turned a corner and came across an intersection that he could keep going straight or take a right. Samuel noticed on the path in front of him, a strange mass was on the ceiling and underneath that, a puddle of blood. Using his Common Sense skills, he decided not to go that way, but instead take the right path. Still keeping an eye on the strange mass, Samuel turned the corner, spotting a red cylinder attached onto the wall.

'A fire extinguisher? Hmm... Could come in handy. Could be used as a hefty weapon..." He thought. He went over to the red fire extinguisher, and placed it into his backpack. It was rather heavy. Suddenly a loud beeping noise caught his attention. Swiveling his head back to the front of his body, he saw a camera looking directly at him. Not a second later, a loud blaring alarm resonated throughout the ship.

"Gah!" Samuel yelped, stunned by the deafening noise. He was quickly brought back to reality by the sound of something wet falling onto the floor. Whipping his head in the direction of the sound, he was greeted by the sight of a horrifying... thing. It's body was almost skeletal and it's skin looked like clear jelly, but he had no time to reflect on the creature, as it was now charging at him, crawling towards him like some sort of repulsive spider. Samuel turned tail and ran in the other direction. All that he could feel was the adrenaline that was coursing through his system and his utter terror.

Samuel quickly turned onto another hallway and saw a staircase. Launching into a full-on sprint, he reached the stairs in seconds and ran up the stairway. -DarkHax10

He stumbled across the darkened corridor, running all the way to the end, before opening the door and barreling into a room.

He was cornered.

Samuel looked around frantically. "Damn it! That can't be it, I can't die now..."

He spotted his savior. A 6 ft. tall box of metal, with a metal door. A locker. He wrenched it open, and ran into it, slamming the door behind him shut. He waited with bated breath for his doom, while staring out of the small viewport.

'Am I safe? Should I leave?' He thought frantically. His thoughts were answered when the wickedly skinny creature crawled into the room. It slowly stood up.

Samuel started to sweat. He was already cramped, and the fact that a killer thing was outside looking for him wasn't making things better. He was jolted when the creature started rasping, making horrible gurgling noises.

'He's trying to catch my scent!' Samuel thought.

The creature started inching towards Samuel's locker, and Samuel held his breath.

The creature stood directly in front him, and Samuel could see that it was nothing more than a creature, a beast, hunting for its next meal. Its small, beady eyes were expressionless. That made it no less terrifying, however.

The creature whipped its bulbous head through the air, making the same gurgling noises, opening its peculiar three-jawed mouth. Then, its taloned hand reached out...

...And tore apart the locker next to Samuel. Finding the locker empty, the creature continued sniffing the air. It walked over towards Samuel's locker, and tapped it with it's long claws.

Samuel waited with bated breath.

It rasped again, before turning and exiting the room, its slimy feet leaving wet tracks on the floor.

Samuel was terrified. He waited for five minutes straight, before daring to exit the locker. He stepped out into the hallway. -RattyMouse

After the adrenaline washed out of his system, he saw a doorway. Curious, he went through the doorway and stepped outside with a metallic clunk, and he was met with a shocking, but beautiful panoramic view of his perilous situation.

"I'm in the middle of the ocean!" Samuel yelled, his shock overpowering his survival instinct. -DarkHax10

He quickly cupped his hand over his mouth, and looked around in fright. All was quiet, except for the steady, almost calming sound of the ocean lapping against the side of the ship. He sighed.

"What am I going to do? I'm basically doomed already..." He sighed. He walked out onto the open deck, gazing up into the dark, starry sky.

Suddenly, he was shocked by a banging noise. He whipped his head around. He activated his flashlight, shining it across the deck.

There it was again, that same banging sound. Samuel quickly whipped out his fire extinguisher, holding it out threateningly, his finger on the trigger. He spotted a maintenance closet, shivering and shaking. The door was being feebly pushed open.

Samuel instantly stepped backwards from it.

'What is in that?!' He thought in terror.

The thing continued to shiver and shake, and he thought he heard disgruntled yelps and groans.

His curiosity got the better of him, and he inched forward slowly. He gripped the handle of the door.

"Who's in there?" He yelled.

There was an answering disgruntled yelp.

Samuel breathed in slowly.

'Alright... On a count of three. One... Two...'

Without waiting for himself, he wrenched open the door, and activated the fire extinguisher.

"Agh! Blargh..."

A very pale man in a crew uniform suddenly stumbled out, and started coughing due to the heavy spray of chemical he was blasted with. He fell to the floor.

Samuel stared down at him.

"Um... Friendly hello? Hi?" Samuel muttered nervously, inching backwards, his hand held out in a nervous greeting.

"He-he... And a very g-good h-hello to y-you to, s-sir..." The man stuttered, standing up feebly, shaking his head, and shivering in fright, glancing at every corner of the deck as if expecting to be eaten alive any second.

Samuel raised the fire extinguisher again, and the man raised up his hands in fright.

"Wait! D-don't! My n-name's E-Ellis! L-Let me e-explain..."

"Ellis?" Samuel questioned. He widened his eyes, "Ellis! You're the one who who wrote this note!" Samuel said, thrusting his hand into his pocket, and pulling out the scrap of paper he had found when he had first woken up.

"N-note?" Ellis stuttered, taking the scrap of paper.

"C-Checkov a-and Wilson... Twin brothers... They never came..." Ellis stuttered, his eyes tearing up.

Samuel, still inching away, asked, "What happened to them?"

"O-one had his neck snapped by t-that thing... The other committed suicide... Jumped off the ship...." He said, his eyes looking around frantically. They settled onto Samuel, and they suddenly brightened up in realization.

"You-You're Samuel!" Ellis said.

"Wha- How do you know my name?" Samuel said in shock, staring at Ellis.

"Y-You're that bloke who d-disappeared after a-asking Mr. S. K-Koboyashi about Container 106! D-did you f-find out about a-anything?" Ellis said.

"Wha- What? What Container? Container 106? Who's Mr S. Kobayashi?" Samuel spluttered. -RattyMouse


Thomas was hiding in one of the containers, cramped and dirty. He had been like that ever since the Hisa Maru had left Hong Kong. Stowing away on a ship, in a container wasn't exactly comfortable. 'Remind myself never to stowaway on a ship again...' Thomas thought to himself, though he stopped as he remembered that his pain would soon be over. His family was poor, and in risk of starving, so they had arranged for Thomas to be sent to his slightly wealthier relatives. Smuggling Thomas onto a shady old, rickety Cargo Ship was the best they could do.

Thomas sighed, and looked up at the same rusted label, stuck onto the container doors. Container 107. Such joy. Mixed with the acrid smells of the makeshift bathroom he had to make himself, it had to be the most miserable place on the planet.

'I'm not the only stowaway on the ship though... Am I?' Thomas suddenly thought, remembering that just a few minutes earlier, the container next to him had some body else in it. Presumably container 106. They must have been pretty strong as they broke out of the container and made a loud... Shrieking sound. He remembered hearing a crew member's voice after that, exclaiming that Container 106 had f**cking exploded. Peaking his curiosity and boredom from being stuck in there for five days, Thomas began slamming his body against the metal doors, hoping to get out, and get a whiff of fresh air.

The loud metallic bangs echoed throughout the ship. Thomas continued, out of delirious boredom.

Eventually a soft, vibrant humming sound became faintly audible, so faint, that it was almost inaudible. However, it started getting louder and louder. Thomas stopped banging, and he jolted back in confusion and fright.

'I shouldn't have done that! Now the whole ship's gonna find me!' He thought in a panic.

Suddenly, the humming was right outside the container.

The sound put a dark, nasty feeling of dread inside the little boy's heart. There was nowhere to hide.

Suddenly, there was raspy breathing from outside and the lock bolting the heavy steel doors together suddenly fell apart. The screws just simply floated off, and the lock's mechanisms detached. The doors opened slowly, with a horrible metallic groan. -RattyMouse

Outside, peering into the brightened container, was a grey, demented humanoid demon with an elongated head, white, glowing, piercing pupils, and a mouth lined with long sharp fangs. It levitated in the air with a purple aura, staring at the boys shocked and tearful face. It cocked its head in curiosity, made a facial expression of disgust, and floated away.

"D-did it j-just laugh at me?" Thomas said, fearfully. -Tsujimoto[1]

He lay in that position for a long time.


Ellis was more terrified than ever. He was currently hiding under a metal table waiting for Samuel to come back. The smell was rank, with a hint of rotting food. He had probably ran into the kitchen in his panic, the place where he had wanted to go.

A hovering demon had floated by a few minutes ago, and it came from the direction Samuel had walked off. Though it did not spot him, it sent Ellis into a fritz. Now, Ellis was crouched under a desk, whimpering, as the enormous footsteps of something giant echoed through the ship.

The duo had split up 30 minutes ago, when they had heard the sound of banging somewhere in the cargo hold. Samuel had wanted to investigate it, in case it was another survivor, however Ellis, being the paranoid he was, refused to go down there. They decided to split up and meet back up in the kitchen on floor two. -RattyMouse

Several abnormally loud footsteps became increasingly louder, and Ellis began whimpering softly as the vibrations of the cannon like footsteps came closer. Suddenly, as if a gigantic bomb was thrown into the door, it flew into the room with a loud CLUNK, knocking over a table and shattering several silverware. Ellis screamed coincidently the same time the brute-like lava-creature roared, so it didn't notice him.

It appeared to be on an rampage. Something very obscure must have annoyed it greatly or possibly... Hurt it?

Ellis stopped thinking as the monster knocked the fridge onto the ground.

Ellis whimpered again, as the monster growled, looking around the room furiously. Suddenly, it took the table Ellis was hiding under and threw it out the other door, breaking that one open too. Time slowed as the brutish thing slowly started turning to face Ellis, who's heart was beating against his chest like a jack-hammer.


Before the brute completely caught sight of him, a loud ringing sound went off in the other direction, The monster ran towards the direction with a loud war cry, and just as the roar began, it had gone away, it's footsteps fading away like a cricket dying.


Ellis jumped nearly 50 feet into the air.

"Calm down! It's just me. I just saved both our lives with an egg timer. I never thought I'd say that in my life, but I just did." Samuel said, smiling.

Tears running down his face, Ellis turned to Samuel. "Oh god, Samuel I thought you were dead!" he exclaimed.

Samuel shrugged.

"No, but someone else might be. Container-107 was ripped open from the outside, there was obvious signs of urination in the corner of it, but no blood, so he or she might still be alive." Samuel said.

"Do you th-think we should t-try to find them?" Ellis stuttered.

"Yeah... Let's try not to die though," Samuel with a humorless laugh.

'I wonder what made that giant monster so angry?' He thought quietly to himself. -Tsujimoto[2]

Thomas was alone, and Thomas was also scared, very, very scared. After that terrifying encounter with that… Monster, he had left immediately, scared that the creature would come back to finish him. All he could hear at the moment was the sound of the ship and the ‘Clip Clop’ of his feet walking forward, making it seem like it was too quiet. ‘Where are the other crew members!?’ Thomas thought in a panicked fritz.

Thomas had no idea where he was going of course; he had been smuggled onto the ship, and so, he had no sense of direction. It was also dark, and he could barely see anything, occasionally crashing into a random object or two. Eventually, in the suffocating darkness, he saw a doorway that lead into a dim, green room. Thomas stumbled through the doorway, in a hurry, and came across an incredible sight.

“Is that… A submarine?” Thomas asked in disbelief, with a tinge of excitement mixed with it. Thomas moved forwards to investigate the Submarine that was in the middle of a gargantuan room. Thomas, upon inspecting it with his uneducated mind, found it to be missing quite a few pieces required to run it.

Thomas sighed, “Of course it was too good to be true.”

*Bung Bang*

Thomas froze and instantaneously ran to the closest hiding spot, which was under the stairwell. He stayed under there for a while, and his fear levels went off the charts. ‘What was that!? Thomas thought in dread. An excruciating silence followed afterwards, Thomas thought that the noise was just his imagination.

*Bang Bung*

‘There it was again!’ Thomas thought. Thomas cautiously came up from under the stairwell, and looked around. He felt as though he were being watched.

*Bang Bang Bang.*

The noise started getting louder and louder. It seemed to be coming from every direction. Thomas started breaking into a run, bolting out of the room.

Cold, hard, black terror filled Thomas, making him run faster. He quickly spotted a nearby staircase, lit up by a shallow white glow from an overhead light.. Thomas charged up the steps, losing his balance at times, and put quite a few decks between him and the noise.

Thomas finally saw the outer deck, illuminated by bright fog-lights, and he ran for it. As he slowed down and panted, he paused. Nothing but stony silence filled the air. Thomas had sworn that he heard something following him up the stairs. He was being stalked, he was sure of it.

But whatever it was, he could not wait around. With a determined look in Thomas’s eyes, he set off once more.

Samuel grimaced. He was beyond tired right now, as he hadn’t gotten a single moment of rest when he got on this ship. His feet were aching and his head was pounding from a headache that he had gotten a while back.

Samuel knew that he couldn’t go much further unless he rested a bit.

“Hey Ellis, could we stop here?” Samuel asked. Ellis looked back to Samuel as he stopped walking down the long hallway they had found themselves in.

“W-what, w-why?” Ellis stuttered, as he thought Samuel had seen or heard something that would mean they’d have to hide.

“I just need to rest for a bit, okay?” Samuel responded. Ellis appeared to think it over for a few seconds and sighed.

“O-okay.” Ellis accepted, stuttering all the way. Samuel turned and opened a door next to him. Fortunately, there were beds in that room, so he laid down on one of them. Ellis took a seat on a chair next to a desk.

“I’m going to take a nap, okay…” Samuel started and then trailed off. He felt so tired. ‘Maybe, maybe just for a minute…’ Samuel thought. Samuel closed his eyes and gave in to the needs of his body.

Samuel opened his eyes. He was still in the same room, except it was completely dark, only lit by the dim lights outside the window. Samuel clambered out of the bed and stood up.

“Uh, Ellis, are you there?” Samuel called out. No response. Samuel shifted uncomfortably. ‘Something’s definitely wrong here!’ Samuel thought frantically. He cupped his hands to his mouth.

“ELLIS!” Samuel yelled. Nothing but his echo answered him. ‘I better get out of here.’ Samuel thought, worried that one of the monsters that plagued the ship would find him after all the noise he made. Quickly exiting the room, Samuel was greeted by a near pitch black hallway. Seeing as though he couldn’t walk through the hallways without a light source, lest a monster ambush him, he looked around himself. He spotted a glow stick lying on the floor next to his foot, picked it up, and turned it on. It provided a dim green light. Samuel frowned for a moment before shrugging his shoulders.

“Eh, it works for me.” Samuel decided. Samuel looked back in front of him. It was a one way hallway. ‘I don’t like this.’ Samuel thought. He started to walk forward cautiously, his feet clip clopping along the floor. Suddenly, a small wet, squishy noise was heard behind him. Samuel froze and turned around, only to see that nothing was there. He started to breathe faster and turned around and walked again.

*Squick* *Slop*

Samuel’s breath hitched and he started to run. The wet noises kept on following him. He finally saw smoke. Behind that smoke was a door. Samuel sprinted to the door and barged through it, tripping as he did so. He fell onto the cold, hard ground.

Upon hearing no more squishy sounds, Samuel took the moment to catch his breath. He stayed there for a while, and opened his eyes, his eyes having trouble adjusting to the bright sunlight. He gasped. Samuel was on top of a hill, and on the hill was.... His house?! He remembered this place all too well. ‘This is… This is my home!’ Samuel thought, utterly dumbstruck.

Samuel stood up and walked to the front door, opening it. It wasn’t locked. ‘Odd.’ Samuel thought, tilting his head in confusion. As he stepped inside his home, he was reminded of the familiar old features of his previous accommodations. His house had warm orange paint covering the hallways, old furniture that gave him nostalgia, and the good old wooden stairs. The only thing that was missing was the frequent noise of his family. His heart beat faster and he climbed up the stairs, the stairs creaking in protest to his unaccustomed weight. As soon as he was at the top of the stairs, he looked over to the left, where his mother’s room is. The door was open and upon walking closer, the faint noise of static was heard and a TV with a static image was seen.

Samuel’s shaky hands pushed the door open, and he gasped as he came across a horrific sight. His mother was lying on the bed, with a nightgown that she always wore, covered in blood, heavily mutilated, and her wrists cut open. His hand flew up to his mouth as the bile shot up his throat. A crooked smile was on her face and she suddenly turned her head towards him.

Why hello Samuel... It’s been a very long time since I saw you, my dear,” Samuel’s mother drawled in an eerily cheery voice. “Why don’t we get a cup of tea and have a chat?

“No, no, no,” Samuel said in a panicky voice. “Not again, NOT AGAIN!”

Ellis was looking at Samuel, worried, as he was now tossing about on the bed.

‘Samuel’s been thrashing around like that for a bit. Maybe I should wake him up.’ Ellis thought, thinking that Samuel was having a nightmare. Ellis stood up, tip-toed over to Samuel and started to poke him.

“H-hey, Samuel w-wake-“ Ellis started, but was cut off when Samuel’s eyes shot up.

“Argh!” Samuel cried out.

“AHH!” Ellis shrieked in response. Samuel was panting heavily. Ellis was curious and frightened at the same time.

“Um, S-Samuel, what h-happened?” Ellis timidly asked. Samuel looked at him and sighed.

“It was just a nightmare. Nothing to worry about.” Samuel answered. Ellis didn’t look convinced.

“B-but-“ Ellis started to say, but was cut off.

“I don’t want to talk about it Ellis.” Samuel’s terse voice cut through the creaking of the ship. Ellis made a face, but didn’t say anything more. Samuel sighed once more.

“We better make a move on to search for the person inside of Container-107, I guess.” Samuel declared. Ellis nodded.

“L-let’s go!” -DarkHax10

They went out of the room and were going to go off to the right when a loud familiar moan resounded. Turning around, they saw the brute behind them, getting ready to charge. Instinctively, they both went into another room to only find that there was no way out. There were two vents inside. Suddenly, the door started to melt and through the melting door came a large hand.

"No!" Samuel shouted out of fear. "Get in the vent!"

"B-but what about the thing that travels through the v-vents?!" Ellis shouted back.

"No choice, GOO!!"

Samuel and Ellis dived into either vent. The brute was in the room at that point. It barely got them. They were safe. For now. Unfortunately, they were separated.

"N-now what?" Ellis shouted from one of the vents.

"Find a way out of there," Samuel shouted back from the other vent. "Let's try to meet back at the stern!"

"But w-what about you?"

"Don't worry! I'll be fine!"

The brute started to tear through the vent Ellis was at.


Ellis flails his way deeper into the vent. Samuel does the same. Now they were truly separated. --Shader1019 (talk) 21:56, August 18, 2015 (UTC)


Thomas looked around the deck. It was quiet, too quiet. Thomas expected a monster to find him after his close encounter with the brute. Perhaps a survivor heard it and came to find him. Thomas grasped his weapon, a fire hydrant, to him as he walked on the long corridor. He decided to go to the kitchen to find food and water, if there even was food and water left. Suddenly, a loud sound coming from the vents was heard. Thomas turned to the vent in fear. "There's something in the ventilation?" he whispered. He got the fire extinguisher ready and aimed it at the vent. He waited for the perfect moment to strike. Suddenly, a head popped out of the vent. It looked like it was alive! "Arghhhhhhh!" Thomas and the head yelled in unison. "Who are you?" Thomas asked the head, who was getting out of the vent to reveal that it was a survivor.

"M-my name is E-ellis" the survivor replied, stammering. "Who are you?"

"My name is Thomas," Thomas replied. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Samuel left the vent once he reached the end. He started to miss Ellis's stammering and berated himself for leaving him to go the other way. He continued to scold himself and his fear of survival increased. His first decision is to find a way to contact anyone on the outside. But where could he find a phone? Samuel decided to go to the main deck and hopefully find one. He proceeded to go to the main corridor. After a while, Samuel finally did find a phone. He tried using it, only to find that it does not connect to the outside world, but rather to parts of the ship, meaning that wherever he calls to, the monsters should go there. Disappointed, Samuel started to check around him, only to find the Hunter staring at him. They both stared, waiting for the other to move.

Samuel saw the creature wrapping it's hands around itself while it was shaking out of control as if it couldn't hold it's desires to kill him. Then, the Hunter opened it's huge jaws covered with drool and started screeching loudly until it attempted to jump onto Samuel. Thinking quickly, he dodged the attack of the beast but had fallen onto the ground and was now at the mercy of the creature crawling towards him. While trying to find a way to escape the Hunter, he finds a cabinet with an object which looked similar to a flare gun he learned abut from his grandpa, who was a war veteran. Having little time to think, he quickly reacts by leaping towards the item and grabbing it, however the Hunter has caught his right leg by then and tried to eat him. Samuel having no time to lose, fired the gun at the abomination, which then started to screech painfully and soon let go of Samuel's leg. Having an opportunity to escape, he quickly gets up and runs as fast as he could, outside of the room.

When he closed the door behind him, Samuel heard the screeching of the Hunter, which sounded like it was really angry. While looking for a route to a safe place to hide from this mad creature, he eyes a lock room with a phone and a valve which had writting above it ''Steam Control''.

-''Maybe this could be useful to me, but how do I get in...?!''

-''Oh I know, by using the phone!''

Suddenly, the Hunter's claws started to pierce through the door, damaging it.

-''But first I must find a place to hide from this thing!''--Minecrafter 1er (talk) 23:44, September 30, 2015 (UTC)Minecrafter 1er


Okay, okay. Think where to go. Run. Just run.

Samuel didn't know how but he was going to end up in the storage room. "Lockers! I COULD HIDE IN THOSE!" Samuel thought. The hunter was close, he had to think fast. Under a desk he found an egg timer. How it got there, Samuel couldn't care less. Of course, he grabbed the object.

Samuel was just a corridor away from the room with lockers. He saw a camera on the wall, but ran anway. The camera blarred loudly. That got him thinking, why would the ship's security be on? Why would it set an alarm off? It was as if it was trying to attract the monsters. Samuel decided to wonder about that later. He had to hide NOW. Samuel set the timer to 5 seconds, threw it into a locker and hid inside another one.

Samuel peered through the slits of the locker, and there it was. The skeletal creature of jelly. Then, the alarm went off. The hunter tore open the door of the locker with the timer and let out an outraged shriek when it found it empty. It knocked over all of the lockers out of anger, which bounced Samuel around, before it went on to search elsewhere in the room. Samuel then opened the door of locker he was just in, giddy from all the bouncing. To Samuel's awful shock the creature was not gone.It heard the locker opening, spotted Samuel and hissed. It lunged towards him and slammed him against some sort of glass.

Samuel glanced behind him and saw what the glass was. It was a fire extinguisher case. The hunter raised it's claws but, before it could strike, Samuel picked up the fire extinguisher and sprayed it until the fire extinguisher was out of fluid. The hunter shrieked and looked even angrier than before. Samuel bolted. He was worried that the creature was intelligent enough to know that he was gonna hide again. Then, in front of him was the lava monster of tar. It roared. He looked behind him and saw the hunter. He was trapped... - By Anonymous.


Ellis and Thomas went up. The only thing they could hear was their footsteps. They didn't meet any monster after they met. Now, they had to find Samuel and think of a way to escape. It would be impossible to stay on the ship forever. Although Thomas found a submarine, none of them could operate one. The other possible route was the life raft, but that was broken. Now, they had to focus on finding Samuel. And the best way to do it was through the cameras.

They walked to the bridge but found nothing but a phone there.

"Maybe I can make a call," thought Ellis. He picked up the phone. Nothing happened.

"You forgot to turn it on." Thomas sighed.

Ellis stared at the phone and saw the power button.

"O-oh yeah" he said, feeling stupid.

He called in all the parts of the ship, but didn't get a response.

- Eh, Ellis, - Thomas said, - you might want to look at it.

- Yeah, what? - Asked Ellis.

Outside, one of the cargo boxes flew up, surrounded by purple energy. It flew high and then flew at the survivors ...


Samuel was there. He couldn't escape. For some reason, the monsters were not attacking. They were just standing there doing nothing. After a while, Samuel's leg started to cause pain, so he sat down. A little later, the hunter sat down. Even later, the Brute sat down. There they were, sitting down. At one point, both of the monsters looked up at Samuel at the same time. They stood up and started walking towards Samuel.

He had no escape. So he just stood there, waiting. When there was very little space left, the fiend came. The energy was all around Samuel.

"We need you."- Said a voice in Samuel's head. -"You will be one of us."

Then, Samuel fainted.


Darkness, darkness and only darkness. That was the only thing that Ellis and Thomas saw (added by Makar Smirnov, March 2016).

Then Ellis' sight cleared up and then his head started to throb.He felt very heavy in the head.Then he saw why.He was hanging upside down his legs lashed to a rope."Hey E-Ellis“ a nearby voice.He looked to his left and saw Samuel also hanging."Where are we?" Samuel asked."I d-d-dunno seems like we're in a cargo r-r-r-room,”Ellis replied."Who's that"Samuel asked.Ellis looked to his left and saw Thomas."That's t-t-t-Thomas.Just then the brute came over and roared at them.He was carrying a body pin-cushioned with kitchen knives."Oh gods"Thomas muttered.Samuel eye's lit up.Once the brute's back was turned on him he swung and nabbed a knife from the body.Once the brute was out of sight Samuel cut his bonds and dropped to his floor. He then cut the others bonds."Follow me" he said.He put his fingers to his lips.He then opened the exit a slit and saw the three monsters and heard a strange deep voice.

"Finally you caught the survivors" said the deep voice. "Now we just have to find the serum for the mutation and then we can move again". The fiend started humming for a bit. "Yes, Yes once we get back I will change 3 of you back". "W-What is he talking a-about" whispered Ellis. "I don't know but we gotta get out of here" said Samuel. Samuel was thinking of an escape when he spotted a few things. A fuel can, a part of floor with some tar on the corridor, and a egg timer. Then he knew what he had to do. All in a few seconds he wound up the timer and threw it and the fuel can at the monsters. Then he yelled "RUN" to Ellis and Thomas as the egg timer rung. They bolted out the started running, jumping over the tar and towards a hole in the floor. The monsters confused for a second saw then running and started chasing them but Samuel aimed at the fuel can with the flare gun at the spilled fuel and fired. Flames erupted and the hunter and fiend backed away in surprise but the brute kept charging through the flames but tripped over the pit trap with a BANG. Samuel then ran hearing the voice yelling "NO, YOU LET THEM GET AWAY IDIOTS". Then he jumped down the hole and ran, catching up with Ellis and Thomas. They ran outside and stop hearing no means off pursuit.  

"We barely made it, oh god" huffed Thomas 

"W-well it's thanks to Samuel t-that we got o-out" said Ellis "H-how did you know" 

"Just some quick thinking" said Samuel panting  

They started walking when they found something surprising. A helicopter in the middle of the ship. "Wow can we use it" said Thomas.  

"I don't know how to fly a helicopter" said Samuel.  

"W-Wilson did but then..." Ellis went silent.  

"God is there no way to escape this ship?" said Samuel 

"Well there is a submarine but none of us know how to use it" said Thomas 

"Wait show me" said Samuel 

But before anyone could say anything else they saw a familiar orange glow come from the front of the ship. "Follow me" hissed Thomas. They quickly sped-walked to the stairs and to the submarine room. (Well I added a bunch to the story.Let me know what you think!) - FireGuy   

Thomas led them to the submarine.It was at the very bottom of the ship in a garage.There was a garage door sort of thing that was probably the place where the submarine was supposed to exit. Samuel checked the submarine "I can drive this thing..well sort of,but this thing needs fuel".Ellis went over and opened the gas tank.He smelled it and shook his head."Looks like we're gonna have to fetch some fuel for this sub"Samuel said.Then he heard a deep voice and hissing.They looked at each other and threw the submarine hatch open and went in.   

Samuel hid in the back storage area in the back behind some chairs and covered himself with crates and some bloody clothes.He was not very happy about this hiding place but he was definitely not going to be happy if he got torn to shreds.Then he heard the people entering.They tossed rummage inside.They he heard an AHA!.Then he heard Thomas yelp and was dragged outside-Sgt.Rainstorm   

   Ellis was now frightened, Samuel and Thomas were now caught by the Hunter and Brute. It was only a matter of time before he was caught. He quickly started thinking of a distraction.   

"Well, well, well" said the deep voice. "What do we have here? A couple of survivors trying to escape hmmmm?" Samuel looked up and saw a slighty big man who looked wealthy. Obviously not a part of the ship's crew. "Who the hell are you?" asked Samuel. "Well that is not your concern" said the strange man "Tell me where the nervous one is and I promise I wont mutate you into something as hideous as that sadistic man. "What are you talking about?" asked Thomas. "Oh yes I didn't tell you, you see these creatures?" asked the man "I made them" he said with a smile. "What kind of person are you?" asked Thomas horrified. The man laughed. "WHY, you ask. Well lets just say I want is more power". "Your a sick freak" said Samuel. "SILENCE" yelled the man. "Now we are just waiting for that idiot to get the serum and I will have more pets!". Suddenly a soft hissing noise can from the submarine. They all turned to see the submarine start shaking violently. Then Ellis jumped on the Hunter from above and threw a glass mug at it's eyes and at the same time making it ram the brute. He jumped off just in time as the 2 monsters fell in the water with a bang and the brute roaring loudly in pain from the water. Samuel quickly took the moment to punch the man right in the face knocking him out. "RUN" yelled Samuel. They quickly bolted out of the room.    

"Where were you Ellis" asked Samuel as he ran   

"On the pipes" said Ellis   

"Well I guess we are even now" chuckled Samuel   


   The Fiend got into the submarine room with the serum and looked around. He saw his "boss" on the floor slowly getting up and saw his friends climbing onto the platform. The brute clearly enraged and in pain at the same time. Steam coming from it's body.   

The man saw the Fiend and yelled "WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS SO SLOW YOU IDIOT!" - FireGuy Abid               


               The three survivors were in the cargo holds.                

"Why are we even here?" asked Thomas.                

"Well, I don't know. At least we escaped." Answered Samuel.               

"I ne-e-e-v-v-ver noti-iced that the Brut-te had a huma-an arm." Said Ellis.                

"Yeah, same."Said Samuel. " That means that they all were actually made from humans"               

Suddenly, a noise came from a hole next to them. A little bit later, a survivour came.                

"What's your name?" Asked Samuel.               

"I don't remember" Answered the man.                

They all walked into a hallway. They stopped. Then, they heard a noise. At once, the vent above the new team member opened and the hunter jumped out. He stuck his claws into the man's head and killed him. The body fell on the floor.               

"Run" said Samuel.               

"I agree" Said Thomas. (By Super Dirt (Makar Smirnov) on April the 9th, 2016)               

(Just a note. The man is now DEAD, so he can't be used again. This will get boring if there is noone to remember about and no one dies. They can bury him or burn his body. Also, can everyone, please, do the dialogue this way, cause otherwise it is way to difficult to understand who is saying what. Last thing, can you, please, edit all the grammar mistakes that I did? Thanks!)                               m


Whiteout any delay, the three of them started running as fast as they can away from the filthy creature. But Ellis was losing is breath.

''Com'on Ellis, we need hurry'' Said Samuel.

'' W-w-w-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-i-i-i-i-i-i-t-t-t-t...f-f-f-f-o-o-o-o-o-r-r-r...m-m-m-m-m-e-e-e-e-e'' Said Ellis exhausted.

''We can't'' Said Thomas. ''But, let me give you a hand''.

Thomas then stopped to put Ellis arm over is shoulder.

''Hang on'' Said Thomas to Ellis.

After that, they were able catch up whit Samuel who was opening a door for them.


As they bust through the door, the fiend levitated down to face the trio, but they slid underneath it. the fiend shrieked in frustration.


The three run as fast as they could. Right, left, up the stairs. Just to escape the monsters.

Finally they stopped in a dark hallway, heavy breathing. With a faint feeling of being escaped. For the moment.

After their breath and beating heart had slowed to a normal state, Thomas asked: “Are you hearing this?”

Thomas and Ellis pricked up their ears to hear what Thomas heard. Afraid, that it would be an announcing noise of the monsters.

There was a silent but audible sound. A faint bubbling. But the noise didn’t alarmed them, it seemed not to be from the monsters. Samuel followed the noise through the dark corridor and tried to find the correct door with the sound creating whatever behind. Thomas and Ellis followed Samuel as silent as possible.

Samuel stopped before a door. He looked behind, saw Ellis frightened face and the young Thomas. After all they’ve been through this young boy still managed to calm himself and Ellis down.

Samuel looked back to the door, put his hand on the door handle and opened it carefully. In front of the survivors appeared some kind of… laboratory?! Samuel blinked in confusion. Thomas walked first into the room. He fascinate viewed all the laboratory items. Ellis doubtfully looked the hallway up and down.

“We c-can’t stay here” he muttered.

“Didn’t the man talked about a serum? Maybe this is his laboratory to create this serum”, Samuel thought loud.

“This p-possibility makes the room n-not any trust w-worthier!” Ellis stuttered a little bit louder than before.

“Well… at least it will be the last spot to search for us. Or the first? I don’t know”, Samuel said unsure. But his curiosity won against his doubts and Samuel entered the room. Ellis didn’t want to be left behind on the floor and also nervously walked in, closed the door behind him.

Samuel eyed the objects, the colorful bubbling of liquid in the glasses. Ellis didn’t really focus on the equipment in the room, he was too worried.

“Look at this!” Thomas called in a low voice. He had a book in his hands, a notebook. Someone had written it conscientiously by hand.

“A notebook in a laboratory… Maybe it includes answers about this serum. Why the monster follow the instructions of the man. If it’s possible to turn the monsters back into human”, Samuel considered.

“And… how he could turn human into monsters”, whispered Thomas the biggest questions. --Tema

They opened the notebook to find something unexpected.

"Look, there are anatomy designs for monsters."Thomas exclaimed, looking surprised.

"There are also instructions on making different serums, including the one to turn people into monsters."Samuel said, looking at the complex instructions.

"T-there's something t-t-there,"Elliot stuttered.

They looked at the part to discover a journal of the man.


Log 1

"Third Mate Stewart K. Lemmin volunteered to be the test subject of our physical enhancement serum today. Subject is a 38 Caucasian male of average build, roughly 1.5 meters in height, weighing about 55 KG." A mugshot of Stewart is shown to the lower left of the paragraph. -ADFUT

"So someone volunteered to be tested on? Why?" asked Thomas

"I don't know, money maybe?" said Samuel

Log 2

"Lemmin suffered some burns after trying his strength with the enhancement serum. Minor wounds. Second Subject for serum test is Second Engineer Frankson M Johnson. Subject 2 is 35 year old Pale male, thin, about 1.4 meters in length. Photos of Stewart's burn marks on face and body and a mugshot of Frankson.

"Ok so another one volunteered" said Samuel "Hey Ellis do you know anything about this?"

"W-well I heard some people S-say that Stewart volunteered for somthing. b-but that was all I-I heard of it" answered Ellis

Log 3

"Lemmin's burn wounds seem to be spreading, will conduct a test to see if serum is the cause. Lemmin appers to be growing fast. this weight is increasing 0.03 kg every hour. Johnson fell 5 feet off the stairs but seemed to float down into the ground. Serum seems to have heightened his intelligence and may have given him telepathic powers. Now I know that the serum has mental enhancements as well. Although may vary by test subject. Will look for another volunteer for serum.

Log 4

"I found another volunteer by the name of Peter W Wilson, the ships doctor's assistant. Lemmin appears to be slightly glowing especially in the facial area and Johnson is slowly losing his skin as it is flaking off or becoming withered. Starting to believe my serum is not doing what it's supposed to do.

"So t-t-that's where h-he went to," said Ellis.

"You know the assistant?" Thomas replied in surprise.

"N-not really," Ellis answered. "He h-helped take care of us when the doctor fell ill b-b-but disappeared a few days later, l-leaving a note saying that he found a-a better job."

Log 5

"Lemmin's burn wounds have spread to his right arm. Lemmin says he 'lost all feeling in his left arm.' Johnson teeth have started becoming sharper. Wilson's skin appears slightly transparent. Wilson's skull seems to be getting wider and growing a second upper spine near the neck.

Serum is causing a rapid mutation on subjects for unknown reason, when tested on myself the only side-effect observed was a slight headache which had been before I boarded. Will attempt to take out serum from the system of the 3 subjects.

"Wait so he tried to help them?" asked Thomas

"It looks l-like it. I w-wonder what hap-pend." said Ellias

Log 6

Attempted to take serum out of Johnson's blood system but I was flung back by some purple aura as soon as I put the needle in him. As I came to Johnson said he was sorry and didnt know what overcame him, said it was some sort of reflex. Headache has returned.

Behavioral note- Lemmin is starting to behave strangely, trouble opening doors and punches them when failing, creating large dents on them. Wilson starting to walk on all four limbs from time to time. Johnson has started to float.

Log 7

My head hurts a lot now. I found out that Fermium element in the serum is causing the mutations to occur. It has bonded with the blood cells of the subjects but not mine due to my blood type being O-. I feel strange now, somewhere inside me I feel like I have some sort of power. Will study the formula to see if I can control the outcome.

Lemmin is huge now around 6 foot 8 inches and his upper body mass has increased 175% since the serum was injected. His burn wounds from earlier has now spread to his entire body. His eyes and mouth have become almost fire like and producing a glow. Wilson's skin has become translucent, turned into a jelly-like substance. Only his bones are visible. He has grown another lip and his mouth is sideways. Johnson is now surrounded by a deep purple aura, he now levitates off the ground permanently. He appears demonic-like is appearance. I am amazed at the serums capabilities.

Log 8

THIS IS ASTOUNDING! THE POWER OF THE SUBJECTS IS VERY AMAZING! LEmmies has killed 2 of the crew that wanted to stop my experiments. Stupid dessision so I told Lemmins to end them or I won't turn him back to normal. The trick did worked! I wonder what other things I could do? I couled probably sell the serum to some forigen government and make MILLIONS! That sounds good. But there are other crew members on this boat. They might stop me. I have to kill them before they do. ONce that sis done I will take control of the ship and head for the nearest port. Maybe casue havoc in a city. show them that THEY SHOULD OBEY ME!.

"Wow he really went crazy on that last log didn't he." said Samuel

"I-I wonder what made him like that" asked Ellias

"YES I WONDER WHAT COULD HAVE MADE ME CRAZY" Boomed a very familiar voice behind them.

All 3 of the survivors turned around to see the monsters behind them, and the man himself who owned the journal.

"Mr. Kobaya-ashi?!" gasped Ellias.

(There ended the Jounal part of the story also don't bother fixing the spelling on log 8 its supposed to show "The Man"'s very poor mental state. Also yes they now know the man is Mr. K, BECAUSE he went under a mutation that changed his apperance more story on that later. -enjoy FireGuy)

"My name is forgotten. And it is not important. I will let you decide who will join me," the man said with a robot like voice.

"None of us," said Thomas.

"Fine. Samuel, you will be my test subject."

"How do you know my name?" Samuel asked.

"The serum. I can read minds now," said the doctor. "And, I can control it."

Ellis and Thomas looked at Samuel with empty eyes. "What are they doing?" Samuel thought before being hit by a fire extinguisher.


Samuel woke up in the same lab, on a bed which wasn't there before. Then, he saw Mr. Kobayashi.

"What have you done? Where are my friends?" asked Samuel in shock.

"They were bad test subjects. They are dead now. Well, you survived," anwsered the doctor.

Then, the Fiend flew into the room, turning all the lights off.

"What do you want? I can't work at these conditions," said Mr. Kobayashi.

"I have to tell something importan. You forgot to close the Submarine bay gate," said the monster in a quite voice that was hard to understand.

"So?" asked the doctor.

"Now, the two lower decks are fluded. We have to escape. The water is coming fast," replyed the monster.

"WHAT? Why didn't you tell me earlier! Quick, move! Get the helicopter ready. We are leaving. Start fueling it. I will come later. Take the monsters with you," shouted the doctor.

"The hunter was flushed away," said the monster.

"Less weight then. Hurry up," said the doctor.

The monster left. Mr. Kobayashi started packing his things. Then, he looked at Samuel and took a syringe.

"Sleep," he said.

Then, he injected Samuel. The survivor fell asleep.


Samuel woke up from a sound of water. When he looked, he saw water coming into the room. When he saw it, the survivor tried to get up, but he couldn't. He was tighet to the bed.


The water was already the same level as the bed. Finally, Samule ripped the belts that he was tight with and got up. He heard the sound of the helicopter. It became quirer and quiter.

Samuel ran throught the corridors. When he reached the stairs, he was covered with water until his chest. Samuel started climbing.

When he reached the upper deck, he saw that the sea level changed. The ship was sinking. Then, he saw the helicopter circuling the ship. Then, it left.

The ship started tilting. One of the cargo boxes fell on Samuel and trapped him inside.


The water was coming. Samuel was floating above the floor. He had no escape. Finally, he took a deep breath and the water filled the box.

After he was out of breath, Samuel tried to take a breath and filled his lungs with water. Then another breath. He drowned. The ship sank.

(By Super Dirt)


Samuel wakes up and hits his head. He finds himself in a room of boxes. He sees a light behind a locker and walks towards it. The opens the locker to find a room. In the room is a flashlight, a fuse, 2 notes, and...

...a pile of wet clothes.

Samuel hears a strange breathing sound coming from behind. What should he do? Should he run? Should he fight? Should he just let it end him? He couldn't decide. So he waited... nothing happened. The monster was taunting him. He made a move. Slap. He heard a wet slap sound as he moved. It was imitating him. He bolted for the door and used all his might to push it open. Water poured into the room. Samuel took a deep breath and went into the water filled room. The water seemed to stop pouring. He swam throughout the ship and looked for places to hide. There was seaweed in certain parts of the halls. Where was he? He needed to find out where he was. Eventually, he found the stairs to the upper deck. He swims up them. Deck 3, Deck 4, Deck 5. He looked out the door, expecting ocean but saw...

...sand. There was fish instead of stars.

Shit! I'm underwater! I can't see the surface! I'm dead! I'm dead!!

Samuel takes a deep breath... and feels fine.

What the fuck...? Am I... breathing underwater...?

He looked at himself and saw a very scaly body.

What?! What's going on?!

Samuel decided to try to search the ship. He looked and saw a bathroom. Samuel walks to the mirror, mumbling "no" to himself while doing so. He looked into the mirror and saw...

...not Samuel. It looked like a human fish. It's head had fins on certain parts and his chest was very dark and scaly.

The thing whimpered. Stared at itself in pure disbelief. Then it started to feel angry. Very angry. It tore up the room. It went outside and swam up to the surface at a high speed. Upon reaching the surface, it saw a boat. It wanted revenge. If the human went there, he can get revenge on him. It swam to the boat and used it's claws to climb on the sides and crawl up the boat. -Anonymous User


Ellis woke up... -Anonymous User

E̶l̶l̶i̶s̶ ̶s̶a̶w̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶h̶e̶l̶i̶c̶o̶p̶t̶e̶r̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶s̶a̶i̶d̶,̶ ̶"̶O̶m̶a̶e̶ ̶w̶a̶ ̶m̶o̶u̶ ̶s̶h̶i̶n̶d̶e̶i̶r̶u̶.̶"̶ ̶T̶h̶e̶ ̶m̶a̶n̶ ̶l̶o̶o̶k̶e̶d̶ ̶d̶o̶w̶n̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶s̶a̶i̶d̶,̶ ̶"̶N̶a̶n̶i̶?̶"̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶n̶ ̶h̶e̶ ̶d̶i̶e̶d̶.̶ ̶T̶h̶e̶ ̶e̶n̶d̶.̶ *Are you kidding me? -TheLuigiNoider*

Ellis looked around and noticed that he was in one of the ship's beds.

He quietly got out of the bed and slowly walked toward the door. He didn't want to alarm any of the monsters on the ship. He slowly opened the door, and walked through the hall and towards the large iron door at the end of it.

He was shocked when he saw that he was standing in broad daylight. He looked around and saw one of the crew members, with a bored expression, walking over. Ellis was confused. Does this man not realize that there are monsters on the loose? Ellis then asked, "W-Why are you so c-calm?"

The crew member stared at him with a confused expression and asked what Ellis meant.

Ellis told the crew member, "What do mean what's going on? This entire ship is infested with monsters!"

The crew member's confused glare turned into a shocked one, and he slowly walked away, as if Ellis had gone crazy. That's when Ellis realized it was all a dream.


After a long time, it turned from day to night, and everybody went to sleep, except Ellis.

He was still thinking of what he had dreamed the last night when, all of a sudden there was a commotion.

The ship slowed down to a stop, and then Ellis heard yelling. He stepped outside and saw a few things that startled him. The first thing was that to the right, he saw Wilson jumping overboard.

Ellis wondered why in the world he would be doing that, but then his question was answered when he looked to the left. He saw a huge human like creature holding Checkov, and then snapping his neck.

It was a muscular and dark creature with burning eyes and a burning mouth, made of lava.


Ellis' nightmare, had literally come to life. -TheLuigiNoider.


Samuel was on the ship. He saw chaos. He saw the Brute tearing up the place. It's just as he thought. Kobayashi is here. With revenge burning within him like the sun, He starts his search. The Brute noticed Samuel. Samuel looked back at it with a serious expression. Finally, the Brute charges towards him.

Samuel shoots water out of his mouth. The Brute was stunned. Samuel reacts and drop kicks it, knocking it down. Samuel runs into the Crew Deck before it recovered.

In the Crew Deck, Samuel continues his search for Kobayashi. As he was searching, he felt a presence behind him. Suddenly, a fire extinguisher launched towards him. He uses his claws to tear it in half.

"AAAAH!!!" Shouted the presence.

Samuel inspects the person. Pale skin, black hair, shaking with fear. Then it hits Samuel.

"Ellis!" Cried Samuel. "I thought you were dead!"

"H-how do you know m-my name?!" Ellis Shouted.

"I'm Samuel!" Samuel said.

"W-w-w-WHAT??" Ellis shouted in pure surprise. "What h-happened to you?!"

"Kobayashi turned me into," Samuel pauses in anger. "This!!"

"S-shit!" Ellis said. "What do we do?"

"We find Thomas," Started Samuel. "Then we kill those monsters."

"H-he may be.... D-dead." Ellis said in fear.

"That will give me another reason to kill them." Samuel said.

"W-what happened to you...?" Ellis said in confusion. "This isn't like you."

"Shit..." Samuel said in realization. "It's not... I think the virus is working it's way to my brain! We have to hurry!"

"R-right!" Eliis said with fear, yet determination.

The two set off to find their friend.


The two hurried towards the crew deck both thinking

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