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Recore Memories: A Monstrum Story has been released, please do NOT mess it up like the last one -EchoDust47

Monstrum Release Anniversary

Monstrum officially turns three years old!

Welcome to the Monstrum Wiki!
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The Survival Horror Labyrinth

Monstrum Early Access Gameplay Trailer

Monstrum is a first person survival horror game created by Team Junkfish, which finds players stranded aboard a vast, derelict ship filled with traps, environmental hazards, and another passenger in the shape of a terrifying and deadly beast.

Multiple Escape Routes

With no means to take their pursuer down, the player must search the ship to discover a possible means of escape, using their wits and guile to evade the monster hunting them, running, hiding and luring it away with distractions to avoid getting killed.

Rogue-like Gameplay

Combining permadeath, a variety of different hunters and a procedurally generated ship that changes its layout every time, Monstrum is a challenging and punishing game that aims to be a truly replayable horror experience.

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