Thumber Note
Notes are optional collectible items that the player may find scattered across the ship. They offer some insight into the mystery surrounding what happened to the Hisa Maru before the events of the game.

Notes can be accessed in game via the player's journal, where they are stored permanently between playthroughs.

The Notes Edit


Note 1Edit

I was looking through the container manifest on night shift and there seems to be a misprint. Container 106 lists "T-L0N" as its point of origin. I've never seen this serial before, and it doesn't match any of the container blocks on-board.

Thought you might want to look into it.

Good Morning,


Note 2Edit


I checked up on the serial number and you're right it doesn't exist however I was able to find the sender. Mr. S.Kobayashi, I wondered why he was travelling with us, it would seem he's bought a new residence in LA and figured he could use his own boat as free transportation.

I guess if you want to know what's inside you can ask him, I like my job too much.

Good Night,


Note 3Edit


I opened the container 106 at the start of my shift, door way blocked off with a bunch of old books floor to ceiling. I just left it.

Later when I sent Checkov out on patrol he came back and told me one of the containers was damaged. Container 106. It looks like it fucking exploded.

Maybe we should ask some questions.

Good Morning,


Note 4Edit

Ship Doctors Report

Feb 14th 1977

Received two patients (ABS G. Checkov & C. Wilson) with 2nd degree scalding to face and upper body consistent with exposure to pressurized steam.

Both patients were showering when burned, luckily they were found quickly and early treatment administered. Wound's were cooled and cleaned, loose dressing applied. Discharged with instruction to avoid physical labour which could rupture blistering, causing infection and, of course, pain.

Prescription relayed to Capt. Mikkleson for ship rota adjustment.

Dr. Zhao

- Copy received by ship quartermaster for archiving.


Note 5Edit


The Capt. sent me details on Checkov & Wilson, they were scalded by the shower. According to them the water stopped for a second and then blasted out steam. I'm giving the repair job to you. Some of the guys reported a burning smell down near the boiler two days back, when I checked it out there was nothing but might be a place to start.



Note 6Edit

Hey Brody,

Don't worry if I'm not back tonight, think I might have finally found the problem with the shower system. I'm probably going to pull an all nighter below deck to try get it fixed. Don't want you guys to go two days without a shower, for my own sake if nothing else. Hah.

I hardly notice the time pass down there anyway.



Note 7Edit

Captains Log - Entry 74

Brody & Fred came to me today. Brett hasn't returned or reported in from maintenance for three days. I've shared the news with the rest of the crew but no-ones seen him.

We searched the entire ship, found his tools near the boiler covered in a black soot, but he seems to be gone. Didn't seem like the type to jump overboard but its looking likely at this point. Getting the rest of the crew to believe it is proving difficult though.

They've begun moving around the ship in pairs as an unwritten rule, hopefully they'll come to their senses in a few days and accept what's happened. Rather than believing in sea monsters. With Checkov & Wilson sticking to their bunk we need all the remaining crew on top form for the pacific crossing.

Captain Johann Mikkleson
Feb 18th 1977


Note 8Edit

Hopefully Ellis didn't take too long running this to you Carlson.

I want you two to check out the engine room, we've checked all the connections in the castle tower so its definitely nothing on this side. Being without power in the pacific isn't exactly desirable so get to it.

P.S Ellis asked me why I didn't just fax this to you, in a power out, I think the fat's finally moved to his brain.



Note 9Edit


There's a hole in the engine, it looks melted, inwards, you need to send the rest of engineering down here. There are noises from further down the shaft I'll check for fire while waiting for the others.

Bring the Capt. We might need to mayday. Keep Ellis out of the way now he's back with you, couldn't go half a step down here without getting jumpy.



Note 10Edit

Checkov & Wilson,

I think something's gone seriously wrong. I haven't seen another pair in hours, they went to investigate the engine but no-ones come back, there's definitely a fire I can smell them burning.

I don't want to make any noise by banging the door, I heard Fred yelling and then ... he just cut off. If you wake up and find this, I'm making for the port side balcony to use the life raft. I'm leaving, I know you're sick but we have to get off this ship. If you arrive in the next hour I'll be waiting.



Note 11Edit

We launched successfully at 2am. To my knowledge we were not seen.

It took us just over an hour to reach the spawning ground. We collected four specimens, two of which we suspect are damaged beyond use.

We returned to dock at 6am. At this rate two further expeditions will be required if we are to have enough specimens to continue research until we reach the next spawning ground. Keeping up with the Hisa Maru will be impossible unless she remains docked so you'll need to think of an excuse to stay longer in Hong Kong.

I need to sleep.

- 2


Note 12Edit

Second launch went without incident. Again I see no indication that we were observed. Successful capture rate is improving as I accumulate time at the controls. Six specimens this time, all should be viable. I guess we can enjoy our last day in HK.

We returned to dock at 6am.

Under close inspection they are rather beautiful, I observed them for over an hour changing colour in the tank before submitting this report. You should see them, the risk from exposure while they are in the tank is minimal and it would allow us some face-to-face time without interference.

- 2


Note 13Edit


For the last two nights on the 0-4 I've felt sure I was hearing a woman's voice out here. Have you heard anything starboard?



Note 14Edit


Haven't heard anything here on starboard

Most sea spirits only live at sea, not in the dock. You probably just need to relax, it can be unsettling being out on the bow alone.

How about I switch with you tomorrow night?



Note 15Edit

We should not give up the chance for a third expedition.

The most enjoyment I could get from a third day in HK is knowing that we're ahead of schedule.

I will observe the specimens, including those from the third night, once the Hisa Maru is out to sea. The crew will have less time to note our comings and goings when they have a ship to run.

- 1


Note 16Edit


We've got a big rat problem on board. Found a load of boxes ripped open, food eaten and a mess everywhere. Think they're coming in from the vents but must be huge, they've managed to bust the cover. That idiot Santos decided to be brave and dived in to investigate on his own.

Anyway, we'll need additional food supplies while we're still docked, plus the biggest bottle of poison you can find. Ocampo should have the list and req forms with this note.

Or we can have stuffed rats at sea. Your call.



Note 17Edit

Lab Report

Test of Turritopsis dohrnii based compound used on two subjects. Preliminary results as follows:

Subject 1 showed increased cellular repair and growth, healing even scar tissue. Compound lead to increased muscle growth and strength outside of pre-determined parameters. Higher brain activity remained low throughout. Subject showed increase in aggression.

Subject 2 showed increased brain activity outside pre-determined parameters in addition to cellular repair, however scar tissue remained unaffected. Additional muscle growth not detected. Showed consistent pain, indicating nerve damage all not repaired.

Recommended action: euthanising both subjects. Subject 1's increase strength + aggression makes it a danger to personnel. Subject 2's nerve damage + pain throughout indicates additional refinement before human trials.


Note 18Edit

We have secured the specimens in the cargo hold for transport. The manifest has been doctored; the container is under a shell company's name which should keep prying eyes away. We do not expect the crew to be opening up containers at any rate.

The specimens seem to become more active in the dark, so it would be worth checking in on the tanks every so often in case they exhibit any unknown behaviours or if the stress of transport has an impact on them.


Note 19Edit

Hey Kim,

There's been some issues with the power in a few areas. Doesn't seem particularly localised but there's been a number of complaints. The doc seems pretty freaked out, might be scared of the dark or something.

Also, could you check out the doors while you're on the upper deck? They've apparently been getting stuck. Would send Nakayama but Brett vanishing has him doubling up on shifts and I'm heading down to the lower decks with him.




Note 20Edit


Will do what I can at port, there's also some food in the cargo hold that could "go missing too". Can also get you some fishing gear from the hold seeing as you'll have the spare time. Fair amount of jellies around so might be a lot of junk fish.

Also make sure that idiot doesn't get caught in the vents. The captain is already pissed at the delays even if the big boss isn't too worried. Think him being on board is making the cap'n edgy, especially with people going AWOL, so having to rescue someone from the vents'll make him pop.

That one's your call though.



Note 21Edit


I heard her again! I was on the helipad securing the fuel hold, she came echoing out from the stern. I tried to make out what she was saying, it sounded like numbers maybe? Either way, there's something out there! May ask Wilson for his recorder once he's feeling better.


Trivia Edit

  • (2) Notes can always be found in the Spawn Room.
  • Notes and Audio Logs are the only items that carry over when a player dies or successfully escapes.