The following is a list of patch notes for Monstrum. Changes in light blue are unofficial additions based on player observations.

v1.5.0 (Second Birthday Update!) Edit

Trading Cards

  • Now available featuring never before seen artwork from Monstrum
  • Includes backgrounds, badges & emoticons


  • Move in direction faced mode (old mode can still be enabled in menu)
  • Enable/Disable UI on arm

Tobii Eye-tracking

  • Aim torch, flare-gun & thrown items with your eyes 
  • Pick-up and interact with items you're looking at
  • Control the journal tab/note selection

Bug fixes

  • Hunter should no-longer get stuck after spawning
  • Hunter should now always show up during submarine escape sequence
  • Can no longer throw items while moving the trolley(s)
  • Hunter traps will now only trigger when a thrown item moves past them, not if any item is within range. 
  • Flare gun now fires properly in all instances

v1.4 (Birthday update!) Edit


  • Engine updated to Unity 5 
  • Support for Oculus Rift CV1


  • Improved Oculus support 
  • Improved average framerate 
  • Reduced load times 
  • Improved controller support 
  • Flare gun flare effect modified 
  • Helipad lights now look more illuminated 
  • Helicopter chains feel more chain-y 
  • Removed all light halos 
  • Improved audio occlusion for various items and sound effects 
  • Helicopter door and fuel lever now have sound effects 
  • Improved the helicopter fuel pipe and crane chain physics 
  • Items can no longer be picked up while performing a variety of animations, such as climbing

Bug fixes

  • Fixed floating helicopter trolley 
  • Fixed flashing of next item when switching items 
  • Adjusted synchronisation of monster and player animations for deck crate kills 
  • Cinematic music will make use of the audio setting values before playing 
  • Fixed issues regarding the Hunter spawning from vents 
  • Using the Fuse will no longer delete certain items 
  • Fixed a gap between the external shell door and the adjacent walls 
  • Engine room now uses correct door model along all walls 
  • Fixed an issue where a metal barricade door would be used in the Upper Deck 
  • Fixed an issue with monsters breaking the wrong phone in the engine room

v1.3 (Halloween Goodies) Edit



  • New Story elements!
  • Audio logs to find!
  • New notes!
  • New collectables menu for notes and audio logs.
  • Oculus support in main build (see previous beta update for more details).
  • Halloween surprises!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error with the Hunter spawning.
  • Fixed some minor things with the Oculus.
  • Fixed an issue with an incorrect material on start up in the main menu.
  • See Changelog v1.2 for more details.

Known Issues

  • The “vertex lit rendering” confirmation dialogue does not work correctly with the controller. Workaround: Use mouse controls.
  • Pressing left on the Dpad to change sensitivity changes the highlighted button (pause menu only). Workaround: Use mouse controls to change the setting.
  • The “play log” button can not be remapped in the menu; remapping another control to V overrides that control preventing the player from listening to the logs in-game. Workaround: reset controls to default, do not map another function to V.
  • Using the mouse and controller at the same time in the options menu can cause multiple highlights.
  • “Back” button on the journal in the collectables menu can not be selected with the controller. Workaround: Press B (xbox 360 controller).
  • OSX: Dpad support not working in the collectables menu. Workaround: Use the thumbstick.
  • Oculus: Rendering issue with the 3D cursor in the collectables menu.
  • There may be some unknown Mac compatibility issues. Please let us know if you run into any problems!

v1.2 (Oculus Beta) Edit


  • Oculus Rift DK1 Support.
  • Oculus Rift DK2 Support.
  • Please refer to the Oculus release notes within this change log before attempting to use this feature.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed issue where Monster would get stunned incorrectly at Helicopter steam pipes.
  • Fixed issue where monsters would slow down at stairs.
  • Fixed issue where the Hunter would not react to the player while escaping from a locked room.
  • Fixed issue with death animations while holding the Sub Room trolley.
  • Fixed issue with the Hunter disappearing while spawning from a ceiling vent.
  • Should no longer be able to stand on top of monsters.


  • Fixed issue where the Sub Console and Helicopter would get destroyed simultaneously.
  • Fixed issue where getting dragged from under beds would cause collider issues.
  • Should no longer be able to stand on top of the sub trolley.


  • Fixed issue with Fiend music crescendo.
  • Fixed Audio stutter at steam pipes.



  • Monsters should be more reliable at accessing Power-Locked Rooms.
  • Improvements made the Hunter's 'locked room' escape logic.
  • Improvements made to the Fiend's 'unlocking door' logic.
  • Improvements made to the Fiend's 'light disruption' logic.
  • Improvements made to make sure monsters do not find and kill the player unfairly.


  • Changes made to rendering models in the Engine Room.
  • Removed gamma images from the in-game Gamma Options menu.

Known Issues

  • Occasional crash in the engine room (DX11 related).
  • Item disappears from hand when paused (Oculus related).
  • Game over screen sometimes in wrong position (Oculus related).

Oculus Release Notes

Oculus Minimum Specifications

Please refer to the official Oculus recommended specifications here.

Setting Up

  • Opt-in to the beta branch.
  • Ensure the new Oculus runtime is installed (Download).
  • When launching Monstrum from the Steam library, select the Oculus mode.

Optimal Gameplay Experience

To reset the Oculus orientation on the keyboard press the left square bracket or press down on the right analogue stick of the controller.

For those who experience performance issues whilst Oculus mode is enabled, we suggest:

  • Turning off V-sync
  • Enabling Vertex Lit rendering. This should boost performance considerably, but will create some unusual lighting artefacts. Use with caution.

Known Oculus Issues

  • Black flickering/blinking in the right camera lens. This is a known graphics driver issue. We suggest you take the following steps if you encounter this issue:
  • Restart the game.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Switch off Vsync.
  • Turn on Vertex Lit Rendering.
  • The Oculus Team suggest following these steps.

v1.2.1 (Hotfix) Edit


  • Vertex Lit Rendering mode for non-Oculus and Oculus mode.
  • The ability to lock and unlock the players head in Oculus mode.

Bug Fixes (Non-Oculus)

  • Fixed items disappearing in hands when paused.
  • Game over screen should always be in correct position now.

Known Issues

  • Occasional crash in the engine room (DX11 related).

v1.0.1 (Mac/Linux Support) Edit


  • Mac and Linux versions available.
  • Field of view slider.


  • Improved monster wander states. The monsters should move further away from the player after an encounter.
  • Improved monsters going around corners.
  • Doors should behave more intuitively with respect to how they handle the player moving in and out of them.
  • Brute footsteps.
  • Improved issue where monsters could get stuck in steam by the helicopter.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed misc menu issues.
  • Hunter goop should disappear correctly.
  • Player should no longer be able to run out of a hiding spot when being pulled out.
  • Hunter should no longer walk constantly in to a hiding spot.
  • Monsters should not get stuck at distractions.
  • Fixed issue with monster not pulling player out of hiding spots.
  • Added collision boxes to certain areas to prevent player climbing where they shouldn't.
  • Fixed issue where the player could get back in to the starting area.

Known issues

  • Controller analogue sticks can sometimes not work in the Mac version.
  • Field of view slider can reset intermittently if changed in game.
  • Locker doors can occasionally get the player temporarily caught between the door and the locker body.

v1.0.1 (Hotfix) Edit


  • Fixed issue with achievements not unlocking.
  • Fixed issue with mouse position on Linux in fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed issue with keybindings not saving/messing up.
  • Fixed issue with audio not pausing+resuming correctly when the game is paused + resumed.
  • FoV slider no longer resets.


  • Game pauses when Steam overlay is activated (it's actually a workaround for a mouse lock issue on the player's death if the Steam overlay is activated, but it makes sense anyway).

v1.0 (Official Release) Edit


  • Added Achievements.


  • Optimized item glow.
  • Optimized the kitchen.
  • Optimized some room collision meshes.
  • Improved clipping with certain objects.
  • Improved a few player animations.
  • Updated Fiend music.


  • Altered helicopter steam pipes to reduce predictability with the monster.
  • Changed journal font.
  • Reverted chain spool model since the new one sometimes reduced performance.
  • Player needs to be more accurate with the flare gun to hit monsters.
  • Altered the trolley so that it is easier to position next to the helicopter.
  • Added a small platform at the bottom of the stairs to prevent an exploit.
  • Changed the player's clothes.

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed crash issue during loading.
  • Fixed odd behaviour with Hunter at the submarine.
  • Improved issue where pathfinding would sometimes decide to leave the ship.
  • Fixed an issue where the “exit game” button wouldn't work.
  • Fixed lag spike when lowering the submarine.

Known issues

  • Changing the resolution and/or texture resolution can sometimes make the player's item transparent.
  • SSAO can sometimes reduce FPS more than expected.
  • Items in the hand move unexpectedly when paused.
  • Some items will bounce unrealistically.

Early Access Patches Edit

v0.9.5 Edit


  • New decorative wall content.
  • Decorated the helicopter containers.
  • Updated start rooms with better prompts and layout.
  • Improved drag out animations.
  • Adjusted some item positions to look better in the hand.
  • Updated glowstick.
  • Improved fuel hose interaction.
  • Added steam pipe system by the helicopter.
  • Updated steam pipe models.


  • Removed fuel cans from inside the cargo containers by the helicopter.
  • Reduced the number of cargo containers by the helicopter.
  • Removed access to the raised walkways by the helicopter.


  • Fixed issue where jumping would not play a landing sound.
  • Fixed a memory leak associated with the security cameras.
  • Fixed a memory leak associated with light bulbs.
  • Optimized certain bits of the code base.
  • Reduced lag spike when monsters spawn.
  • Fixed font-loading lag spike when opening the graphics menu.
  • Hotfixed an issue where grabbing the trolley would disable certain post-processing effects.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the wrong animation was played from a fall death.


v0.9.3 Edit

New Features

  • Unity Launcher removed; graphics options are now available within the game and are individually customizable.
  • New menus.
  • Victory scenes!
  • Dedicated credits scene.
  • New Loading screens.


  • Animations for when a monster pulls the player out of a hiding spot are overhauled.
  • Liferaft animations improved.
  • Corridors have some new variants.
  • New Fire Extinguisher model.
  • Junkfish splash screen has audio now, yay!
  • Moved certain tables/counters to reduce clipping.
  • Improved torch aiming/flare gun aiming to reduce unnatural hand movements.
  • Some updated cargo hold assets.
  • New menu font.
  • New audio assets added in.
  • Improved chasing after being throw out of hiding spot.
  • Improved chasing after Hunter jumps out of trap.
  • Fire performance improvement.
  • Death animation improvements.
  • Reduced possibility of falling through the environment when closing doors.


  • Reduced the refuelling time for the helicopter.
  • Changed some of the lighting.
  • Changed the visual style of the lower deck.
  • Changed the chasing persistence of the monsters.
  • Changed some of the door opening/closing/locking/unlocking sounds.
  • Stairwell materials updated.
  • Removed the walkie-talkies item (for now).


  • Issue in which the hand would randomly flip around when interacting with the environment.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the pit trap player falling animation to look unnatural.
  • Fixed an audio sync issue with death from falling.
  • Fixed an audio sync issue with a welder animation.
  • Fixed a bug where the journal wouldn’t update if you inserted the spool chain before inspecting the liferaft.
  • Fixed a bug where the flare gun wouldn’t register hits.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the chair to turn in to a magic carpet when the player stands on it.
  • Ensured fire kills the player.
  • Fixed a performance drop after inserting the battery in to the sub.
  • Fixed/improved issue where crouching whilst interacting with the environment caused various problems.
  • Fixed an issue where monsters would get confused after destroying certain objects.
  • Fixed an issue with the Hunter not spawning in the lower decks correctly.

v0.9.2 Edit

New features

  • New notes to find!


  • Security cameras are a little harder to hide under.
  • Brute moves faster.


  • Player prevented from getting behind the start room boxes.
  • Player can no longer climb in to the boxes in the cargo hold.
  • Fixed an issue where turning off the steam vents via the master control would sometimes leave steam triggers active, causing random deaths in the cargo hold.
  • Brute destroys the outside cargo container doors properly.
  • Fixed a physics error caused by putting items in the helicopter.
  • Fixed a performance hit caused by moving the crane.
  • Menu rendering issues.
  • Menu fade-in fixed.
  • Pressing escape in the game over menu no longer breaks the game.
  • Many audio-related issues such as:
  • Ambient wave sounds playing at the right times.
  • Door audio source improvements.
  • Setting audio priorities to ensure more important sounds are played.
  • Hunter music/SFX playing in at the wrong time.
  • Welder double-sound issue fixed.
  • Double-roars from the monsters should be less common.
  • Brute roar location fixed.
  • Camera movement audio is synced with its movement properly.


  • Performance should be improved in general due to a new occlusion method, better internal level representation and pathfinding optimizations.
  • Monster animations should be less jittery.
  • Optimized colliders for many game assets.
  • Door-player movement code changed to reduce player getting stuck in the environment.

Monster AI improvements

  • Altered monster audio source ranges.

v0.9.0 (Engine Room Update) Edit

New Features
New Engine room section including:

  • New Hiding spots
  • New Engine workshop rooms
  • New Engine room art, audio & lighting additions.
  • Phone System
  • *Secret feature*


  • Monster “floating” reduced.
  • Introduced failsafe for monster climbing.
  • Increased Brute chase speed.
  • Journal text delivery improved.
  • New Journal Entry.
  • Audio sound-effect priorities adjusted to improve clarity of sound-effect during busy scenes.


  • Barred interaction when transitioning from crouch to stand, preventing animations from breaking.
  • Fixed an issue where the game could keep spawning the same monster each time.
  • Fixed an issue where a specific (but frequently used) sound was causing high CPU usage.
  • Fixed a case in which a non-lethal steam vent blast could result in death.
  • The submarine room bay doors should appear properly now.
  • Prevented the fuse box objective triggering from the other side of a wall.
  • Pressing escape in the game over screen no longer breaks the main menu.
  • Hunter finishes roar after jumping out before it can attack the player.
  • Ensured key items would not only spawn in locked rooms.


  • Updated map textures to reflect new engine room addition.

v0.8.3 Edit


  • If the player runs in to steam when it is already on, it will knock back and damage the player instead of killing them. Direct blasts will still be lethal.
  • The random start rooms should be picked more evenly.
  • Adjusted the spawn locations of certain items to prevent a complete set of escape items spawning too close together.
  • The player can’t start the helicopter refuelling process until the helicopter is unlocked.
  • Fixed a bug with the fire extinguisher spray when the journal is out.
  • Fixed a bug where interacting with certain objects multiple times in quick succession caused issues.


  • Death screen images removed.
  • Fixed some menu transitions/fading.
  • Journal prompts updated.
  • Journal objectives ordering updated.
  • Reduced performance hit when the journal is active.


  • Gamma should affect the player.


  • Fixed an issue where the monsters could get stuck by the support beams at the sides of the ship.
  • Fixed an issue where the monsters could get stuck in the sub room doors.


  • Updated animations for going under the bed.
  • Various model and sound effect updates.

v0.8.2 Edit


  • Improvements to monsters getting stuck in weird places.
  • Fixed monster failing to hit player when close.
  • Hunter spawning algorithm improved.
  • Brute and hunter should spawn more evenly.
  • Removed access to the bow of the ship, as it was causing monster issues. Will come back in future update.


  • Improved RAM usage.


  • Improved camera clipping with player’s body.
  • Improvements to player getting stuck under beds.
  • Fixed falling sound when going down stairs.
  • Improved blood effects.
  • Welder hand pose fixed when picking it up more than once.


  • Steam vents should be less common.
  • Added death animation to steam vent, falling and fire.
  • Steam death immunity whilst turning the associated valve.
  • Added loading progress indicator after the splash screen.
  • Fixed controls menu disappearing when leaving an unassigned key.
  • Prompt for throwing appears when trying to pick up an item when inventory is full.
  • Prompt for standing up should appear when thrown out of a locker.
  • Changed main menu fading behaviour.

v0.8.1(Early Access Release) Edit

  • New Main Menu
  • New Opening Room
  • Updated Rooms
  • New Updated Ship-large outside
  • Death Animations
  • New items to pick up
  • Updated Journal
  • Monsters are faster
  • Louder sounds when you activate a radio, for example

Alpha Patches Edit

v0.5.2 Edit

  • Fixed sounds from Hunter and Brute

v0.5 Edit

  • Updated rooms
  • New way of holding items
  • Monsters become faster
  • Updated items
  • More than 1 escape route(maybe on v0.2)
  • New Opening Room

v0.2 Edit

  • Updated Rooms
  • Updated Characters Body
  • New Monster!!
  • New Brute's shape
  • Fixed Brute's and Hunter's sound
  • New abilities for the monster(Hunter)
  • More than 1 escape route(maybe on v0.5)
  • Brute is a bit faster
  • New items

v0.1(Monstrum Released) Edit

New game released in alpha that promises to be one of the scariest games of the year

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