Power-Locked Rooms are rooms that are electronically locked by metal doors, which can only be unlocked by fuses.
Power room

Description Edit

There are two variations of power-locked rooms, the lower deck variation, and the upper deck variation.

  • The lower deck variation is a large metal room which is divided by a metal grate. Four static security monitors sit on a set of drawers and cupboards.
  • The upper deck variation is a large metal room that is divided by wooden poles. A set of 6 drawers stand in front of the door, and four static security monitors rest on a desk, in the corner. Two lockers are placed at the other corner, next to a desk with a lamp.

Notes Edit

  • The objective of the achievement "Now Think About What You've Done" is to lock a monster in one of these rooms. Note that locking a monster in one of these rooms is only temporary, as each one has the ability to get out in some way.
  • These rooms always contain a valuable item, such as a Backpack, Chain Spool, Flare Gun, Flashlight, Helicopter Keys, Pump, Radio, or Sub Battery. You can also find Notes inside them.
  • It is noteworthy that you can lock yourself in by putting a chair into the door, closing it, and then hopping through  the gap that the chair made by blocking the door to lock the door, then move the chair and let it close. Do not do if you have the Hunter! You cannot get out then!
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