Description Edit

"C24" is a storage room found on decks 5 & 6 and can be identified by the many boxes and junk scattered around its narrow space.

C24 1

Hiding spots Edit

A set of 2 lockers are located at the back of the room.

Item Locations Edit

C24 2

C24 will most often not have much to explore and loot, but can sometimes spawn decent items (Backpack, Radio, Mission items, etc) so it's worth a look.

Items can be found on:

  • The large, black container beside the door.
  • The cardboard box in front of the door.
  • The shelves beside the lockers.
  • The back, left corner of the room, opposite of the lockers.

Tips Edit

  • It's advised that the Player does NOT hide in this room. The reasons being are that the lockers are far from the door (your exit) and the narrow space makes maneuvering around monsters very difficult.