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What? Wrong steam?

In Monstrum, Steam pipes are found in the lower decks of the ship, and will regularly spray steam in the players path. If the player is sprayed by the steam, they will be stunned, unless they are directly blasted by it.
Steam trap

Avoidance Edit

The steam pipes can be turned off via a master control valve located in a barricaded room on the lowest deck of the Engine Room. (The Player will need to lure the monster into the room via the phone junctions, to be able to access it.)

Note that the steam pipes on either side of the stairs to the helipad won't be affected by this and stay always on as they are a vital tool to ward off the monster when fuelling the helicopter.

Warning Sign Edit

The Pipes will make a thumping noise when the steam is about to be released. (This does not apply to the helicopter steam pipes, as they are always on.)

Death Animation Edit

If the player is hit several times by the steam, they will cover their (possibly horribly burnt) face and drop their head, before falling over and dying a rather painful death.

Steam Hiss

The hissing of steam.