Engine Room

Second floor of the engine room.

The Engine Room is located on Deck 3, in the aft end of the ship.

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The engine room is four stories high. Catwalks span across the room, and machinery is spread out rather densely. Unlike some other areas of the ship, the engine room is always generated in an unpowered state.

The Phone System Edit


A phonebox.

The Engine Room contains four phone boxes, each one located within a room on each level. Once the engine room's power is activated with a fuse, the phone boxes can be used to distract or lure the monster to any of the other four phone boxes by calling them. When a monster reaches a ringing phone, they will destroy it like any other noise making object, meaning that the phone system effectively has 4 "charges" before it is rendered totally useless.

Steam Control

The master steam control valve.

Notably, the phone system can be used to trick a monster into breaking down the door to the inaccessible room on the fourth and lowest level. This room (Phone Junction #2) contains a Master Steam Control Valve that will permanently shut off all active steam vents (except for the two near the helipad).

Tips Edit

Dark scary Engine Room

The Engine Room, powered off.

  • The Engine Room is great for finding mission items, such as bolt cutters, welding kits, sub batteries, or chain spools.
  • Upon starting a new game, it is a good idea to quickly locate the engine room and use the free fuse from the Spawn Room to power the area. Once the monster spawns and comes for you, you can use the phone system to call Phone Junction #2, so that the Master Steam Control Valve will be accessible. Turning off the steam vents will make traversing the lower decks much safer (especially if you are being chased and flee down an unexplored corridor), not to mention much quieter (making it easier to hear certain monsters).
  • If possible, try to avoid hiding on the third or fourth levels against the Brute or the Fiend, as navigating your way back out with either of them in such constantly close proximity can be difficult, especially the Fiend whose electrical distortions can affect you from above or below, making it harder to tell what floor it's on. The Hunter, on the other hand, is easy to hide from here, since it will eventually retreat back into a pipe or vent after an unsuccessful chase, allowing you to explore or escape in peace.
  • Each Monster can be easier or harder depending on which floor you're hiding, due to the windows and arrangement of the layer. (The Hunter is extremelly easy, independent of the layer you're hiding in. The Brute is easy to trick and control in the 2nd and 4th Layer, from bottom to top, but can be EXTREMELLY DIFFICULT in the 1st Layer. The Fiend is easy in the 2nd and 3rd Layer, if you're hiding in a room with windows, use them to know where the monster is going and where he is.)
  • Some new players will have trouble locating the Engine Room, but it will ALWAYS be located in Deck 3 of the Crew Deck stairs.

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