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The Helicopter is an escape route in Monstrum. It can be found on the helipad located near the middle of the ship on the Main Deck.


Helicopter (Items)

The items you'll need to use the Helicopter.

In order to use the Helicopter, the player will need to find the following items:

  • Helicopter Keys - The helicopter must be unlocked before it can be entered.
  • Bolt Cutters - The helicopter is tethered down with cables which must be cut. The bolt cutters are also required to cut the chains to the nearby storage containers where the refueling equipment is.
  • (2) Gasoline Canisters - The refueling equipment requires two gasoline canisters to be emptied into it before it can be activated.


1. Use the keys on the helicopter door, then interact with the door to open it.
2. Use the bolt cutters to cut the chains to the storage containers. Open each one and check inside it before moving on to the next, as you only need to open the one containing the refueling equipment - there is never anything else inside the others.
3. Interact with the handle of the refueling equipment and drag it over to the tail end of the helicopter. When you get close enough the refueling equipment will automatically move into place on its own.
4. Interact with the nozzle of the helicopter's gas pump and pull it to the hole on the refueling equipment to attach it.
5. Use both gasoline canisters on the other hole on the opposite side of the refueling equipment. When you've successfully filled it with enough fuel, the cap will shut automatically and your journal will update.
6. Use the bolt cutters on the 4 cables tethering the helicopter to cut them.
7. Activate the refueling equipment by interacting with the handle above the fuel gauge. The refueling process will take approximately 2 minutes, during which you cannot let the monster near the refueling equipment unless it is chasing you. If you do, it will destroy it permanently. Your journal will update when the process is complete, and the helicopter will start up.
8. Interact with the interior of the helicopter.


  • While in this area, it is not advised under any circumstances to hide from a monster in the storage containers, as unlike a locker or cabinet, any monster that finds you in one will react as if they had just found you in an open room and kill you. Instead, it is better to run down the stairs and hide in a locker or to simply run out of the area entirely.
  • During the refueling process, you can use the valves on either side of the helipad to control the nearby steam vent. All 3 monsters become stunned when hit by this steam, and will attempt to find another way up to you, usually by going up the other set of stairs that is not blocked by steam. It is very easy to keep a monster away from you using this method, though keep in mind they may sometimes attempt to go all the way around to the other end of the helipad.
    • A workaround to this would be dropping an active radio beneath the valve or simply holding it in your hand. The monster will be attracted to the sound it makes and thus try to stay nearby. This will effectively minimise the chance of the monster dashing to the other side of the helipad after being hit by the steam.
  • Alternatively, you can simply run away from the monsters during the refueling process, and keep looping around the helipad on the Main Deck. Just be careful, because if you run too far away from a monster while engaged in a chase, they could use the helipad as a shortcut, thus causing the loop to become interrupted.

Ending Cutscene

Caution: Spoilers!



  • The Helicopter is considered to be a medium difficulty escape route, mainly because it requires the 4 items, plus an additional "item" in the form of the moveable refueling equipment, and because the helicopter keys are a very small, easily missed item that can be sometimes be found in drawers (something new players may not know can be searched through). However, once everything has been set up, it's very easy to keep the monster at bay by using the steam vents, making it fairly easy.
  • It is unknown how and why the protagonist knows how to pilot both the submarine and the helicopter. Even if his job had something to do with the ship, it doesn't make it plausible, especially after it's noted he has been struck by amnesia.
  • Landing the helicopter on such an enclosed platform requires the hands of a very skilled pilot, as the platform is surrounded by containers (not anymore as there are now only four of them left) and crew decks very close to the location of the helicopter.
  • Due to the fact that sometimes items cannot spawn properly (as happens to Flare Guns), rarely the ship can be generated WITHOUT a Bolt Cutter, thus making the helicopter an impossible escape route.

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