Spawn Room (Aft End 1)

The Spawn Room is the first room the player begins in during a playthrough of Monstrum. There are 2 possible variations of the Spawn Room, each one located on opposite ends of the ship. Only one of the two will be generated per playthrough.

Items Edit

The Spawn Room always has the same items in it, in the same exact spots no less:

  • There is always a flashlight here, in the middle of the room on the floor by the bed/shelves.
  • There is always a fuse here, on the table/counter.
  • There are always 2 notes here; one next to the fuse (always #10), and one on the floor (which is always a random note, though never #10).
  • There is always a lighter OR a glowstick here, always located in the right-most, middle file cabinet/drawer.

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Trivia Edit

  • Once the player steps out the door, the spotlight shining onto the flashlight shuts off, and the room behind the locker is closed off by the game, making it inaccessible to the player. This is so that they cannot hide there from the monster, which cannot fit through the lockers.
  • The lower-deck spawn room always spawns on deck 3, in the bow, while the upper-deck spawn room has a chance to spawn in either deck 5 or 6.
  • It is unknown how the player got behind the lockers, since they were obviously constructed as a barricade. Given that the player has no idea where they are, yet appears to be wearing crew attire, it can be assumed that the player has amnesia, though this still does not explain how.
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