The following is a list of tips and useful information designed to help newer players survive the terrors of Monstrum. Visitors are encouraged to add any tips they may have that are not already listed here, provided that they do not involve exploits such as loop holes.

Escape Routes Edit

  • If you have a mission item for an escape route, make sure you use it on and/or drop it near the corresponding escape route if you happen to pass through the area of one. This will save you time and inventory space.
  • It is advised to use the steam pipes near the helicopter to keep the monster from destroying the fuel pump.
  • It is advised to kite the propane cart around the doors in the sub room to block the monster from entering the room. (However, this is particularly difficult to do with the Brute, as it breaks down the door the quickest.)

Hazards Edit

  • Pit traps can be jumped over while sprinting.
  • Consider triggering pit traps deliberately when the monster isn't around, so as to avoid accidentally tripping on them later.
  • Steam pipes can be disabled by a red valve, adjacent to the ruptured pipe. It is a good way to prevent getting hit by steam, and it can be used as an indication of where you have been.
  • Cameras can be disabled by duct tape. If you happen to find some, consider using it on some cameras before using it on the life-raft.
  • If you see a hunter trap, it means the hunter is not on foot, and is the monster. Avoid it by going around unless you are sure you can hide. Otherwise run.

Hiding Edit

  • If a monster finds you inside a hiding place such as a locker, but did not see you enter it, it will toss you out and you will be placed into crouch mode. Rapidly tap the Crouch (C by default) or Jump (Space by default) button to get back up and you should be able to run away.
  • monsters can't see you through open hiding spaces,except lockers.
  • Though lockers are an easily recognized hiding place in horror games, they are not the only things you may hide in:
Hiding Thumber Cabinet1

Cabinets are commonly found in the Lower Decks of the ship.

You must be crouched to hide here.

Hiding Thumber Cabinet2

A variation of the cabinet found exclusively in the Engine Room.

You must be crouched to hide here.

Hiding Thumber Closet

A maintenance closet that may sometimes spawn adjacent to the Life Raft.

This hiding place functions like a locker, but is slightly worse because you cannot see out of it.

Hiding Thumber Crate

Crates are exclusively found in the outer area of the Upper Decks, near the Life Raft.

You must be crouched to hide here.

Hiding Thumber Crawlspace1

The crawlspace under beds, found in many rooms in the Upper Decks.

You must be crouched to hide here, which will put the player into the prone position.

If there are lockers and a bed in a room, it is better to hide under the bed because monsters usually check the lockers and then leave.

Hiding Thumber Crawlspace2

The Lower Decks' equivalent of a bed.

You must be crouched to hide here, which will put the player into the prone position.

Hiding Thumber Desk

Desks are commonly found in the Upper Decks. You must be crouched to hide here.

When possible, it is advised to hide under a desk instead of in a locker because a desk will give you better vision of the surrounding area.

Hiding Thumber Locker1

Lockers may be found in most areas of the ship, notably on the Main Deck (see below).

Hiding Thumber Locker2

"Red Lockers", found exclusively on both sides of the Main Deck.

There are a total of 24 red lockers located in pairs of 2 on both sides of each of the three sections of the Main Deck.

Hiding Thumber Lunch Table

Cafeteria Tables, located exclusively in the Mess Hall.

Notably these are considered the best places to hide in the game, as they are the only hiding places that give the player a totally unobstructed view of the room (via the gaps between the seats and the table). As monsters cannot see you through the gaps, you're at no greater risk of being found than in any other spot.

You must be crouched to hide here.

Hiding Thumber Shower

Showers Stalls, located exclusively in the Shower Room.

These hiding places function like lockers, but are slightly worse because you cannot see out of them. Items may also spawn in them.

  • DO NOT attempt to hide if a monster currently has line of sight of you; this will invariably result in your demise.
  • Light does not affect your visibility. As long as a monster has unobstructed vision of you, it will be able to see you from any distance (unless you are in one of the aforementioned hiding places).
  • Consider opening the second red locker (that is, the red locker that is always nearest to the center of the walkway) at both ends of each section of the Main Deck. Doing so will allow you to quickly enter one regardless of which direction you're running, which can be useful to end a chase.
  • It can be a good idea to open up a hiding spot in every room (like a locker or cabinet), so you can hide fast if you need to.
  • If a monster has spotted you enter a hiding spot, you can tell if they start strolling slowly towards you. If you have a Fire Extinguisher (or Flare Gun, depends on the monster), it is advised to quickly stun the monster before they reach your locker, and run out of the room past them, to avoid death.
  • Hiding is a good way to ditch the monster if the hunter is the monster, as it will return to the vents if it fails to find you.

Items Edit

  • Be sure to pick up the Flashlight, Fuse, and Glowstick/Lighter that always spawn in the Spawn Room.
  • File cabinets and drawers can be opened, and may sometimes contain useful items, most notably duct tape and helicopter keys. but can contain smashables.
  • Items never spawn in hiding places such as cabinets (with two known exceptions) or lockers, so do not waste time searching them. The aforementioned exceptions are at the bottom floor of the Engine Room, in the room that has no light-switch. There are two cabinets here that may spawn stuffed with paint cans, boxes, and sometimes mission items.
  • However, shower curtains found in the washroom can spawn useful items, even mission items, notably the Sub Headlight, so it is advised to look through them.
  • Certain items can spawn in wooden "half-crates", as found on the floor near the Life Raft and in the Engine Room.
  • You can cycle through all of the items in your inventory via the Mouse Wheel (by default). You can also switch to a specific item instantly by pressing the number key corresponding to its location in your inventory (1 to 0 from left to right, or 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0).
  • Items can be thrown various distances depending on how long you hold down the Throw Item button. A tap-click will drop them, while holding and releasing after about two seconds will throw the item much farther. How far the item travels changes from item to item; Smashables seem to go the farthest, where as something like the Sub Headlights don't go very far at all.
  • Consider dropping a radios in their active states from a high ledge such as from the Upper Deck where the Life Raft is to lure the monster away from you if it is nearby. This can buy you much needed time to operate the controls of the crane or make a run for it. Egg timers may also be used for this trick, but don't forget it has a delay.
  • Do not leave your flashlight on in well-lit areas (unless you think the Fiend is nearby). Its battery is limited and you may need it later.
  • If you find yourself cornered and the Monster won't leave the area (this is likely to happend in the engine room) Consider using the radio or an eggtimer as a distraction by placing it in a hidingplace (if a second Hidingplace is aviable). Then take a different hiding spot and wait for the monster to investigate. Once the monster inspect's the radio or eggtimer it will give you a window to run pass the distracted monster and make a quick escape out of the area.

Monsters Edit

  • The Brute: Abilities, Tips, Warning Signs.
  • The Fiend: Abilities, Tips, Warning Signs.
  • The Hunter: Abilities, Tips, Warning Signs.
  • Monsters cannot see you through the gaps between stairs, metal grating, or through windows. They also cannot see you if you are hiding under a desk, table, or in a cabinet with an open or removed door. Use this to your advantage to keep an eye on the monster. Note that this does NOT apply to lockers; if you do not close the door, the monster will be able to see you.
  • One way to deduce which monster you're up against at the very start of the game is by quickly finding a camera and deliberately setting off the alarm. If the monster is the Hunter, it is guaranteed to emerge almost immediately from a nearby vent. Nothing will happen otherwise, as the other two monsters seem to take longer to spawn.
  • All three monsters are vulnerable to fire extinguishers, and will temporarily be stunned for roughly 1.5 seconds when sprayed.
  • All three monsters are vulnerable to steam. The only reliable way to use this to your advantage is by manipulating the valves near the helipad.
  • All three monsters cannot outrun you.

Movement Edit

  • Do not be afraid to use your sprint; it is unlimited, though it does attract the monster.
  • crawling makes the least noise
  • The monster can still track your movement regardless of your current way of doing it.
  • There is no point to moving about the ship in crouch mode to try to "sneak past" the monster; your walking foot steps do not appear to make noise in the traditional sense (though jumping and running seems to), and the monster will start to "wander" towards your location once you're on the move regardless of how quiet you're being.
  • You can climb up through the holes in the cargo hold by pressing the Space key (by default). Note that monsters can also climb up through these holes.
  • There is currently only one intended instance of fall damage in the game; the ledge where the Life Raft is. If you jump down to the Main Deck from here, the fall will kill you. Note that you can survive a jump of one floor.
  • (Outdated: The following mentioned Staircase has been removed in the full release of the game) If you're being chased by a monster near the helipad, try going up the stairs, then looping around from the top of the stairs to the "back" of that same flight of stairs. There is never a guard rail, meaning that you'll be able to drop back down when the monster comes up the stairs and starts running at you and go back the way you came. This is especially effective if you run to the other flight of stairs adjacent to the one you came up that has the steam blasting on to it. You'll be able to drop down and the monster won't be able to follow you (they'll get hit by the steam when they try to follow down the stairs and have to go around, by which point you'll be long gone or already hiding).
  • If the sub countdown is on and the monster is trying to get to the console, it's advised to jump over the monster by jumping off the stairs. This will draw the monster away from the control console the fastest.